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Analyzing Gospel Chops - VIncent Golly

Analyzing Gospel Chops - 

Exciting Fills in Modern R’n’B Drumming. Language: German.

For several years, a new, striking band sound has come to life in the live performances of successful international pop artists. These lavish bands with their complex arrangements and virtuoso instrumentalists showcase harmonically enriched interpretations of radio hits. True-to-style fusion has crept in to the concerts of artists like Usher, Beyoncй and Justin Timberlake, yet fans of all ages can still sing and dance along to this type of pop music.
Here, the refined drumming style of the modern R’n’B drummer is particularly striking. Although the drummer in these ensembles can never leave the role of the groove-machine, there is still lots of room for them to be creative.  The most interesting aspect of modern R’n’B drumming is what is known as gospel chops. These are linear, atypical hand-foot combinations played as 16th note triplets and 32nd note patterns.
“Analyzing Gospel Chops” by Vincent Golly, who started his career as the drummer in the successful gospel choir “Prayer & Preachers”, contains 50 carefully transcribed gospel fills. Styles of renowned drummers such as Aaron Spears, Chris Coleman, Tony Royster Jr., Ramon Sampson, Rex Hardy Jr., Calvin Rodgers and Eric Moore are analysed. “Analyzing Gospel Chops” goes beyond the role of a reference book: in its five chapters the transcripts form the basis of a practice guide for developing your own fills in this authentic style. QR codes in the book lead directly to YouTube videos, where you can listen to example grooves played by the masters. This successful book belongs on every R’n’B drumming enthusiast’s bookcase.

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ISBN: 978-3-89922-240-1

EAN: 9783899222401

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Analyzing Gospel Chops - VIncent Golly
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