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The Irish Bouzouki - Naill O'Cllanáin, Tommy Walsh

The Irish Bouzouki - 

Book and CD.
A 48-page book which provides plenty of tunes and easily understood instructions for playing the Irish bouzouki. The bouzouki, it origins, the history of the instrument, and the styles of its finest practitioners are analyzed. Since the bouzouki's introduction to Ireland it has developed a personality and an Irish identity all of its own. The instrument and its unique sound are now part and parcel of Irish music. With the help of this book, you can add a new dimension to traditional Irish music.

Contents: introduction, The bouzouki, holding and playing the bouzouki, notes and scales and chords. Songs: Lucky in love, The wise maid, The gold ring, The rights of man, Walsh's hornpipe, Return to Milltown, The lads of Laois, Carolan's draught, Paddy went to London, The mist-covered mountain, The sunny banks, Connachtman's rambles, Charles O'Connor, Fearghaill O'Gara, Bridget, Brackagh hill, Connachtman's Rambles, Trip to Lerwick, Eamonn a'Chnoic, The woman I never fortot, Doctor Gilberts, Niamh's capers.

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ISBN: 978-1-85720-122-2

EAN: 9781857201222

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The Irish Bouzouki - Naill O'Cllanáin, Tommy Walsh
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