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America Negro Songs

America Negro Songs

Piano and voice.
230 folk songs and spirituals, religious and secular, arranged for piano and voice. From joyous gospel to deeply felt blues, this wonderful collection contains vintage songs sung and played through the years by black Americans - at work, in church and for pure entertainment. Included are spirituals, blues, work songs and a variety of social and dance songs.
This is an indispensable treasury of music for singers, musicians and all readers seeking a comprehensive sourcebook of black American folk music. It will be equally welcomed at parties, family get-togethers, sing-alongs, church events and other gatherings where people want to play and sing these classic folk songs that are an integral part of American musical history.

Ain't I Glad Ive Got Out Of The Wilderness
Ain't That Good News?
Ain't You Glad That You Got Good Religion?
All Over This World
Angels Done Bowed Down
At The Bar Of God
Balm In Gilead
Be With Me
Before This Time Another Year
Bet On Stuball
Bye And Bye (1)
Bye And Bye (2)
Can't You Live Humble
Captain Says Hurry
Captain, O Captain
Come Down
Come Here Lord
Convict Song
Daniel Saw The Stone
Death Ain't Nothin' But A Robber
Death's Goin' To Lay His Hand On Me
Do Lord Remember Me
Done Made My Vow To The Lord
Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Roun'
Down On Me
Downward Road Is Crowded
Ev'ry Day'll Be Sunday
Ezek'el Saw The Wheel
Free At Last
Gift Of God
Give Me Jesus
Give Me Your Hand
Glory To That Newborn King
Go Down Moses
Go Down 'N The Vally And Pray
Go To Go To Judgement
God Is A God
God's Goin' To Straighten Them
Goin' Keep My Skillet Greasy
Going Home In The Chariot
Going To Shout All Over God's Heav'n
Gonna Leave Big Rock Behind
Good Lord I Done Done
Good Morning Everybody
Got A Home In That Rock
Got My Letter
Got No Money
Got Religion All Around The World
Great Day
Had To Get Up This Mornin'
Hammers Keep Ringing
He Is King Of Kings
He Never Said A Mumblin' Word
Hear Me Praying
He's A Mighty Good Leader
He's Got His Eyes On You
Hold The Wind
Holy Bible
Hot Boilin' Sun Comin' Over
How Me The Way
I Am The True Vine
I Believe In This Jesus
I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
I Feel Like My Taime Ain't Long
I Got A House In Baltimo'
I Have Another Buiolding
I Heardthe Preacher Of The Elder
I Know The Lord
I Never Felt Such Love In My Soul Befo'
I Want To Be Ready
I Went Down In The Valley
I Will Pray
I Wish I Had Died In Egypt Land
I Woon't Stop Praying
I'll Be There
I'm A-going To Do All I Can
I'm A-going To Join The Band
I'm Goin' To Sing
I'm Going Back With Jesus
I'm Just A-goin' Over There
Im So Glad
I'm Working On The Buildin' I Must Walk My Lonesome Valley
In This Lan'
Inching Along
Is There Anybody Here?
It's Me
I've Done What You Told Me To Do
I've Just Come From The Fountain
Jesus Goin' To Make My Dying Bed
Jesus Risen From The Dead
Jim Strange Killed Lula
John Henry (1)
John Henry (2)
King Jesus Built Me A House Above
Lay Ten Dollars Down
Lead Me T The Rock
Let The Church Roll On
Let Us Cheer The Weary Traveller
Listen To The Angel's Shoutin' Listen To Tha Lmabs
Little David
Little Talk With Jesus
Live A Humble
Lord I Want To Be A Christian
Lord Is My Shepherd
Lord Make Me More Holy
Lord's Been Here
Mamma Dinah
March On
Marching Up The Heavenly Road
My Good Lord's Done Been Here
My Lord What A Mourning
My Lord's Goin' Move This Wicked Race
My Name's Written On High
My Sin's Been Taken Away
My Soul's Been Anchored In The Lord
Naw I Don't
New Born Again
No Hiding Place
Nobody Knows Who I Am
O It's Goin' To Be A Mighty Day
O Lamb, Beautiful Lamb
O Lord I'm Hungry
O Make Me Holy
O Mary Don't Don't You Weep And Don't You Mourne
O Mother Don't You Weep
O My Little Soul
O Rocks Don't Fall On Me
O Wretched Man
Old Arks A Movering
Old Zion's Children Marchin' Along Ol' Elder Brown's
Open The Window Noah
Plenty Good Room
Po' Ol' Laz'rus
Poor Me
Poor Mourner's Got A Home
Porr Sinner
Pray On
Railroad Bill
Religion Is A Fortune
Religion That M Lord Gave Me
Ride On, King Jesus
Rise, Shine, For Thy Light Is A-comin'
Road Gang Song
Rock Of Ages
Rockin' Jerusalem
Rocks And The Mountains
Roll On
Roll, Jorden, Roll
Run, Mourner, Run
S Laid His Hands On Me
Screw This Cotton
Seben Times
See The Signs Of Judgement
Shepherd, Shepherd
Shout For Joy
Sing A Ho That I Had The Wings Of A Dove
Sinner Please Don't Let This Harvest Past
Sit Down Sevant, Sit Down
Sittin' Down Besideo' The Lamb
Some Of These Days
Somebody's Knockin' At Your Door
Somebody's Knocking At Your Door
Someboy's Buried In The Graveyard
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Soon A Will Be Done
Stand The Storm
Steady, Jesus Listenin'
Steal Away
Steal Away (Steal Away To Jesus)
Steal Awya And Pray
Street Song
Study War No More
Sun Mows Down
Sunday Mornin' Ban
Swing Low
Tell All The World, John
Thank God I'm On My Way To Heaven
There's A Great Camp Meeting
There's A Meeting Here Tonight
There's Room Enough
There's Something On My Mind
They Led My Lord Away
This Is A Sin-trying World
This Ol' Time Relgion
Tryin' To Cross The Red Sea
Tryin' To Get Home
'twason One Sunday Morning
Vendor's Call
Wake Me
Want To Go To Heaven When I Die
Wasn't That A Mighty Day
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
We Shall Walk Through The Valley
Were You There?
What Shall I Do?
When I'm Dead
When The Train Comes Along
Where Shall I Go?
Wish I's In Heaven Settin' Down
Workin' On The Railroad Line
Yo' Low Down Ways
You Gave Me A Mountain
You Hear The Lambs A-crying
You May Bury Me In The East
You'd Better Min'
You'd Better Run
You're My Bother, So Give Me Your Han'

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ISBN: 978-0-486-40271-0

EAN: 9780486402710

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America Negro Songs
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