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A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano Book 1 - Alan Jones

A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano Book 1 - 

Piano solo, intermediate level.
Fifty easy pieces composed 1830-1950. The pieces in this album, of about Grades 1-2 in standard, have been selected to provide a variety of tempi, styles and moods. Includes works by Schumann, Grechaninov, Nielsen and George Dyson.

A Jolly Moment [Ladukhin, Nikolai]
A Quiet Morning [Maikapar, Samuil]
A Sad Tale Op.39 No.16 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
Catch Ball Op.35 Book I No.3 [Matthay, Tobias]
Child's Song Op.48 No.1 [Guilmant, Alexandre]
Chinese Statuette (Christmas Gifts Op.13) [Rebikov, Vladimir]
Country Dance Op.39 No.17 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
Cuckoo Op.46 No.21 [Breslaur, Emil]
Dedication Op.138 No.1 [Heller, Stephen]
Farewell Op.98 No.4 [Grechaninov, Alexander]
Galloping Op.39 No.15 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
Go To Sleep [Sandre, Gustave]
Lesson In C Op.125 No.7 [Diabelli, Anton]
Lesson In D Op.487 No.41 [Brunner, Christian]
Lesson In F Op.487 No.38 [Brunner, Christian]
Lullaby Op.36 No.15 [Gedike, Alexander]
Melody (Arabian Air) [Le Couppey, Felix]
Melody [Dyson, George]
New Scene From Childhood Op.55 No.4 [Kirchner, Theodor]
On Reflection Op.36 No.12 [Gedike, Alexander]
On The Playground Op.210 No.5 [Kohler, Louis]
On Tip-toe Op.783 No.8 [Sartorio, Arnoldo]
Pastorale Op.100 No.3 [Burgmuller, Friedrich]
Piano Piece For The Young No.13 [Henkel, Heinrich]
Piano Piece For Young And Old Op.53 No.1 [Nielsen, Carl]
Plaintive Waltz [Somervell, Arthur]
Roundelay Op.39 No.2 [Forster, Alban]
Sad At Heart Op.47 No.5 [Fuchs, Robert]
Sailor's Song [Swinstead, Felix]
Scherzino (Kinder-klavierschule) Op.112 [Horak, Eduard]
Serenade Op.140 No.18 [Gurlitt, Cornelius]
Simplicity Op.254 No.10 [Reinecke, Carl]
Study In C Op.340 No.1 [Mayer, Charles]
Study In C Op.50 No.3 [Gurlitt, Cornelius]
Study In C Op.65 No.3 [Loeschhorn, Albert]
Study In D Op.187 No.49 [Czerny, Carl]
Study In D Op.34 Part Ii No.4 [Vogel, Moritz]
Study In G Op.65 No.9 [Loeschhorn, Albert]
Study In G Op.74 Book I No.6 [Dunhill, Thomas]
The Echo [Albanesi, Carlo]
The Industrious Student Op.31 No.3 [Bischoff, Kaspar Jacob]
Tiresome Prank No.3 [Satie, Erik]
To Begin With Op.81 No.1 [Wilm, Nicolai Von]
Two Frogs Op.783 No.12 [Sartorio, Arnoldo]
Waltz Op.46 No.25 [Breslaur, Emil]
Wandering Op.109 No.1 [Zilcher, Paul]
Water Music Op.46 No.10 [Breslaur, Emil]
Who Is There? Op.783 No.9 [Sartorio, Arnoldo]
Wilder Reiter Op.68 No.8 [Schumann, Robert]

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ISBN: 978-1-85472-715-2

EAN: 9781854727152

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