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Beginning Piano Solos - Sheftel

Beginning Piano Solos - 

132 Original Easy Masterpieces compiled and edited for piano solo by Paul Sheftel.

Schwabisch (Bach, J.C),
March (Bach),
Minuet (Bach),
Minuet (Bach),
Minuet (Bach),
Musette (Bach),
Musette (Bach),
Polonaise (Bach),
Minuet (Bach W.F),
Children At Play (Bartok),
Childrens Dance (Bartok),
Dance (Bartok),
Dialogue (Bartok),
Dialogue (Bartok),
Folk Dance (Bartok),
Folk Song (Bartok),
Minuet (Bartok),
Pillow Dance (Bartok),
Play (Bartok),
Song (Bartok),
Sorrow (Bartok),
Springtime Song (Bartok),
Study For The Left Hand (Bartok),
Country Dance In D Major No. 2 (Beethoven),
Country Dance In D Major No.1 (Beethoven),
Country Dance In D Minor (Beethoven), E
cossaise In E Flat Major (Beethoven),
Ecossaise In G Major (Beethoven),
German Dance In A Major (Beethoven),
German Dance In C Major (Beethoven),
German Dance In D Major No. 1 (Beethoven),
German Dance In D Major No. 2 (Beethoven),
German Dance In E Flat Major (Beethoven),
German Dance In F Major (Beethoven),
German Dance In G Major No. 1 (Beethoven),
German Dance In G Major No. 2 (Beethoven),
Russian Folk Song In A Minor (Beethoven),
Russian Folk Song In G Major (Beethoven),
Innocence (Burgmuller),
Inquietude (Burgmuller),
Larabesque (Burgmuller),
Limpid Stream, The (Burgmuller),
Progress (Burgmuller),
Restlessnes (inquietude) (Burgmuller),
March (Clark),
Fifers, The (les Fifres (Couperin),
Le Petit Rien (the Little Nothing) (Couperin),
Les Moissonnerus (the Reapers) (Couperin),
Little Nothing, The (le Petit Rien) (Couperin),
Six Etudes (Czerny, C),
Les Fifres (the Fifers) (Dandrieu),
Bagatelle In C Major (Diabelli),
Bagatelle In G Major (Diabelli),
Fanfare (Duncombe), Gigue (Duncombe),
Sonatina (Duncombe),
Polka (Glinka),
Enchantment (Hanson),
Allemande (Haydn),
German Dance In A Major (Haydn),
German Dance In C Major (Haydn),
German Dance In D Major No.1 (Haydn),
German Dance In D Major No.2 (Haydn),
German Dance In D Major (No 3) (Haydn),
German Dance In E Major (Haydn),
Gypsy Dance (Haydn),
Minuet In A Major (Haydn),
Minuet In D Major (Haydn),
Minuet In G Major (Haydn),
Quadrille (Haydn),
Dance From The Guida Di Musica Coll (Hook),
Clowning, Clowns, Dance, Fable, Funny Event, Galop, Jumping, Little Fable, Little Joke, Little Song, March, Meldoy, Playing Ball, Scherzo, Song, Waltz (Kabalevsky),
Musette (Le Couppey),
Minuet (Lully),
Touches Blanches (Milhaud),
Touches Noires (Milhaud),
Careful Etta From Tintypes (Moore),
Bouree, Bourlesq, Minuet In C Major, Minuet In D Minor, Minuet In F Major, Minuet In F Major, Air, Allegro, Andantino, German Dance, Minuet, Minuet (menuetto I), Minuet (menuetto Ii), Minuet And Trio, Minuet And Trio, K.1, Minuet, K.15, Minuet, K.5 (Mozart),
Air, Minuet (Purcell),
The Joke (Rameau),
The Bear , Playing Soldiers (Rebikoff),
First Loss, Little Piece, Melody, Poor Orpahn, Soldiers March, Wild Horseman (Schumann),
The Sick Doll (Tchaikovsky),
Gigue, Minuet, Passepied (Telemann),
Arioso, Carefree, Dancing Master, Hunting Horns With Echo, Minuet, Rondino,
To The Little Finger Of The Right (Turk).

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ISBN: 978-0-8258-0343-7

EAN: 9780825803437

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Beginning Piano Solos - Sheftel
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Mighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music LightOverscore TapeNoligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder