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Learn as you Play Saxophone - Peter Walstall

Learn as you Play Saxophone - 

"Learn as you play" is a series of instrumental tutors designed specifically to prepare pupils for the early grades of all the principal examination boards. The tutors are suitable for both individual and group instruction.
The course, which id divided into 24 units, places the maximum emphasis on the early development of musicianship. From the beginning it introduces the student to a wide range of music, including works by leading contemporary composers.
The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 2007 (grades 1,2,3,4).


  - A Little Piece (Diabelli)
  - A Little Piece (Gurlitt)
  - A Syncopated Duet (Garnier)
  - Air (Gretry)
  - Allemande (trad)
  - Andante (Diabelli)
  - Andante (Gurlitt)
  - Andante (Schubert)
  - Aylesford's Piece (Handel)
  - Brazilian Beat (Wastall/Hyde)
  - Capricorn Cocktail (Wastall/Hyde)
  - Caribbean Capers (Wastall/Hyde)
  - Carol (Finzi)
  - Chanson De Nuit (trad)
  - Chorale (Bach)
  - Chorale Melody (trad)
  - Chow-Mein Cha-Cha (Wastall)
  - Corumba (Wastall)
  - Dixieland Blues (Menz)
  - Duetto in D Minor (Devienne)
  - Duo (Bortniansky)
  - Duo for Two Equal Saxophones (Kastner)
  - Duo in D Minor (Chedeville)
  - Ecossaise (Beethoven)
  - Ein' Feste Burg (Luther)
  - Ellacombe (trad)
  - Fanfare (Chedeville)
  - Ffigysbren (trad)
  - Folk Song Blues (Kinyon)
  - Gavotte (Chedeville)
  - Granite (Cole)
  - Heroic Song in Phrygian Mode (Cole)
  - Integer Vitae (Flemming)
  - Jamaican Rumba (Benjamin)
  - Jazzetto (Cole)
  - Larghetto (Mozart)
  - Largo (Dvorak)
  - Let's Beguine (Wastall)
  - Lullaby (Schubert)
  - March (Hyde)
  - Marmotte (Beethoven)
  - Menuett (Haydn)
  - Mexican Madness (Wastall)
  - Midnight in Tobago (Wastall)
  - Minuet (Bach)
  - Minuet (Mozart)
  - Minuetto (Hook)
  - On Wings of Song (Medelssohn)
  - Quem Pastored (trad)
  - Romance (Cole)
  - Saint Margarita's Lullaby (trad)
  - Sax-Appeal (Evans)
  - Serenade (Diabelli)
  - Soldier's March (Schumann)
  - Soliloquy (Hyde)
  - Study No.1 (Briard)
  - Study No.2 (Briard)
  - Study No.3 (Briard)
  - Study No.4 (Briard)
  - Suburban Sunday (Cole)
  - Swim, Swan, Swim! (Hyde)
  - The Emperor of Germany's March (Clarke)
  - These Foolish Things (Strachey)
  - Tri-Time (Cowles)
  - Waltz (Schubert)

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