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Complete Preludes and Fugues for Organ - Johann Sebasian Bach

Complete Preludes and Fugues for Organ - 

This volume reproduces all 25 of Bach’s complete sets of preludes and fugues (i.e. compositions written as pairs), from the authoritative Bach-Gesellschaft edition. Organists and music lovers can enjoy Bach’s beautiful compositions in one convenient edition—ideal for reading, study and performance. Table of contents:
"Prelude and Fugue, C Major (BWV 531; BG XV, 81)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, D Major (BWV 532; BG XV, 88)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, E Minor (BWV 533; BG XV, 100)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, F Minor (BWV 534; BG XV, 104)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, G Minor (BWV 535; BG XV, 112)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, A Major (BWV 536; BG XV, 120)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, D Minor (BWV 539; BG XV, 148)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, G Major (BWV 541; BG XV, 169)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, A Minor (BWV 543; BG XV, 189)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, B Minor (BWV 544; BG XV, 199)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, C Major (BWV 545; BG XV, 212)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, C Minor (BWV 546; BG XV, 218)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, C Major (BWV 547; BG XV, 228)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, E Minor (BWV 548; BG XV, 236)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, C Minor (BWV 549; BG XXXVIII, 3)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, G Major (BWV 550; BG XXXVIII, 9)"
  "Prelude and Fugue, A Minor (BWV 551; BG XXXVIII, 17)"
  Eight Short Preludes and Fugues (possibly spurious)
  1. "C Major (BWV 553; BG XXXVIII, 23)"
  2. "D Minor (BWV 554; BG XXXVIII, 27)"
  3. "E Minor (BWV 555; BG XXXVIII, 30)"
  4. "F Major (BWV 556; BG XXXVIII, 33)"
  5. "G Major (BWV 557; BG XXXVIII, 36)"
  6. "G Minor (BWV 558; BG XXXVIII, 39)"
  7. "A Minor (BWV 559; BG XXXVIII, 42)"
  8. "B-flat Major (BWV 560; BG XXXVIII, 45)"

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ISBN: 978-0-486-24816-5

EAN: 9780486248165

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Complete Preludes and Fugues for Organ - Johann Sebasian Bach
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