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Pan - Dieter Schnebel

Pan - 

For Flute or recorder and accompaniment ad lib. (bowed instruments, piano, organ or accordeon). Contemporary music.

This work describes and interprets psychologically the daily routine of Pan, the God of shepherds and nature in Greek mythology: awakening, longing and temptation, hunting and ecstasy(...). Provided that 'Pan' is not performed as a solo piece, the instrument for the partly drone-like accompaniment can be freely chosen – ideally a string instrument (such as violoncello), but a second flute, piano or a plucked instrument (such as a guitar) can also be used.

Longing and temptation
Fulfilment (Ecstasy)
Falling asleep

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ISBN: 979-000108084-2

EAN: 9790001080842

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Pan - Dieter Schnebel
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