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Gypsy Violin - Mary An Harbar

Gypsy Violin - 

Titles are: A Minor-Universal Gypsy Tunes: (The Basso, Kinokio), A Minor-Russian Tunes: (Turquoise Bracelets, My Gypsy Girl, Kalinka), D Minor-Russian Tunes: (Dark Eyes, Two Guitars), G Minor/G Major-Romanian Tunes: (Hora from Bucovina, G Major Hora), D Minor/D Major-Romanian and Bessarabian Tunes: ( I Like Dances from Somlecan, D Major Hora, Bessarabian Girl), E Minor- Romanian Medley #1: (Kamnes, Whistling Hora), E Minor- Romanian Medley #2: (Moldavian Hora, Romanian Train Song ),B Minor-Romanian Tunes: (B Minor Hora, Cigarettes), 7/8- Romanian Tune: Doda, F# Minor-Romanian Tune: March Hora, E Minor - Hungarian Medley ; (The Old Gypsy, Swallows Flying), Hungarian Gypsy Practice Tune: The Rajko School Song, A Minor-Hungarian Medley #1: (The Loviest Girl in the World, The Cottage with the Green Window Frames, Go Ahead Bug, Sting Me!, Beautiful Rose), C Major/C Minor/A Minor-Hungarian Medley: (Beautiful Blue Eyes, Hey Delade, Dobra Dobra, Mezöségi Hora, C Major Friss), D-Hungarian Medley: (Your Red Polka Dot Dress, The Wheat and Barley are Scarce, Casino), D Minor/D Major-Hungarian Tunes: (Abandoned, Clarinet), A Minor-Hungarian Medley#2: (If You Love Me, Never Leave, No More Grey-Haired Ladies for Me, Szüreti Dance), A Minor-Hungarian Medley#3: Gloomy Sunday, The Horse's Head Can Handle My Sorrow, Invivtation To Dance), Hungarian Kesergö: Bihari Kesergö, G Minor- Hungarian Medley: The Forest is Even Prettier in the Fall, Your Blue Eyes are stunning, Heavenly). Book and CD.

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K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2" Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large
K3 HitsSuzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionThe Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large