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The Music of The Silent Films

The Music of The Silent Films

Piano, advanced level.
The silent films were not silent for long. The live music that accompanied early cinema was as much a part of the experience as the film itself. The Music Of The Silent Films features 50 original pieces and arrangements for solo Piano, divided into specific moods in the same way that the live music accompanists of the silent era would have used.

This book tells the extraordinary story of the rise and abrupt fall of silent movie music and includes 50 original pieces and arrangements for solo Piano, allowing you to play scores inspired by what is arguably the golden era of film music. A celebration of the frequently misunderstood art of creating and playing music to accompany silent films, The Music Of The Silent Films boasts specially selected pieces that evoke a range of mood music genres, representing a number of composers.

Miss Mischief (Caprice d'Amour) [Kempinsky, Leo A.]
Kiki [Savino, Domenico]
Gaiety [Savino, Domenico]
Allegro Perpetuo [Savino, Domenico]
Jollity [Zamecnik, J.S.]
In Despair [Irénée Bergé]
Recitative No.1 [Rapée, Erno & Axt, William]
Reproach [Zamecnik, J.S.]
Impending Danger [Kempinsky, Leo A.]
Allegro Precipitoso [Savino, Domenico]
Treacherous Knave [Zamecnik, J.S.]
The Creepy Creeps [Borch, Gaston]
Into The Unknown [Carbonara, Gerard]
Sunset [Ancliffe, Charles]
Love's Awakening [Ketelbey, Albert W.]
Andante Cantabile [O'Hare, Christopher]
A Chinese Tragedy [Baron, Maurice]
Indian War-Dance [Bergé, Irénée]
Arabian Nights [Ketelbey, Albert W.]
Dashing Cowboy [Aborn, Morris]
The Hobbling Hobo [Bergé, Irénée]
A Festive Gathering [Jacquet, Maurice H.]
Solemn Scenes From Nature [O'Hare, Christopher]
Battle Music [Riesenfeld, Hugo]
Pomp And Pageantry [Schertzinger, Victor L.]
The Village Clown [Axt, William]
The Village Cut-Up [Axt, William]
The Jesters [Carbonara, Gerard]
Betrayed [Kempinsky, Leo A.]
Agitato No. 3 [Langey, Otto]
Appassionato No.1 [Rapée & Axt]
Andante Dramatico [Borch, Gaston]
Remorse [Lowitz, W.W.]
Dramatic Andante No.1 [Rapée, Erno & Axt, William]
Terreur (Terror) [Baron, Maurice]
Sinister Misterioso [Bergé, Irénée]
Misterioso [Zamecnik, J.S.]
Hurry No.3 [Langey, Otto]
Comedy Excitement [Zamecnik, J.S.]
Hurry No. 2 [Langey, Otto]
The Flight [Savino, Domenico]
Valse Mimi [Axt, William]
Amaryllis (Graceful Dance) [Ketelbey, Albert W.]
Storm, Strife Or Tempest [Ancliffe, Charles]
The Bold Riders [Carbonara, Gerard]
Violence [Zamecnik, J.S.]
Happy Bohemians [Axt, William]
Allegro Scintillante [Kempinsky, Leo A.]
June Moon [Fenton, Bernard]
A Marionette's Romance [Leigh, Norman]

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ISBN: 978-1-78038-681-2

EAN: 9781780386812

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The Music of The Silent Films
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