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Pure Rhythm - Adam Rudolph

Pure Rhythm - 

Rhythm cycles and Polymetric patterns.
For instrumentalists, percussionists, composers and music educators. Book with 2 CDs, English.

This book is for the instrumentalist, composer, percussionist, student and music educator who aims to expand his or her understanding of rhythm and overall musicianship. It is an applied guide to the fundamentals of rhythm, presented step-by-step from the simple to the complex.
“As open and generous as the author himself, Pure Rhythm is an excellent and essential introduction to world rhythms. Presented step by step in a clear, intelligent and systematic format, this is a long overdue classic in the field.” (John Zorn)
“Pure Rhythm provides an excellent and useful tool for those who wish to advance their knowledge of rhythm.” (Jack DeJohnette)
“This book is a critical introduction to much of the important creative insight into the whole feeling of movement in music, with a strong implication of both regularity and differentiation. I recommend this book highly for musicians, on all levels, as a means of nurturing their rhythmic creativity.” (Dr. Yusuf Lateef)

ISBN: 978-3-89221-070-2

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Pure Rhythm - Adam Rudolph
Reflections on Orff Schulwerk - Sarah Hennessy

Reflections on Orff Schulwerk - 

Essays in celebration of Margaret Murray. English, sof cover.
Schott are pleased to announce the publication of this new collection of essays dedicated to the work of Margaret Murray. Throughout her life, Murray has been, and continues to be a key contributor to the development of the Orff Schulwerk.
Edited by Sarah Hennessy, chair of the UK Orff Society, this volume contains contributions from an array of distinguished practitioners and pedagogues including Marjorie Ayling, Lois Birkenshaw Fleming, Kate Buchanan, Jane Frazee, Wolfgang Hartmann, Barbara Haselbach, Ulrike E. Jungmair, Shirley Salmon, Peter Sidaway, Carolee Stewart, and Hennessey herself. The essays explore a range of aspects of Margaret’s career; her skills as a translator, her role in the proliferation of the Schulwerk in the US and UK, and her inspirational approach to teaching, making this a fascinating and inspiring read.

M. Murray: A Chronolgy
B. Haselbach: Orff-Schulwerk: Origins and Development
B. Haselbach: An Exceptional Translator
S. Salmon: Inclusion and Orff-Schulwerk
K. Buchanan: "Red sky at Night, Shepherd's Delight"
U.E. Jungmair: Putting Theory into Practice
L. Birkenshaw-Fleming: Margaret Murray: An Appreciation
P. Sidaway: Personal Reflections on the Orff Approach
J. Frazee: Orff-Schulwerk in the United States: Cultivating the Wildflower
C. Stewart: Exploring Recorder Models
M. Ayling: Orff-Schulwerk in the UK over the past 50 years: a personal perspective
W. Hartmann: Orff-Schulwerk and Instrumental Learning
S. Hennessy: Teaching for creativity: some thoughts for primary teachers
Notes and References

ISBN: 978-1-84761-269-4

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Ritmisch Oefenboek deel 2 - Louis Cauberghs

Ritmisch Oefenboek deel 2 - 

Deze methode is speciaal opgebouwd om de ritmes voor zowel jong als oud zonder moeilijkheden onder de knie te krijgen. Het boek is op een vrije manier te gebruiken: er kan met elke maatsoort gewerkt worden zonder daarom de volgorde van het boek te gebruiken. Nederlands

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Ritmisch Oefenboek deel 2 - Louis Cauberghs
52nd Street Beat - Joe Hunt

52nd Street Beat - 

A reference book of modern jazz drumming.
Joe Hunt has taught Drums at the Berklee School of Music for 20 years and has played with Bill Evans, Stan Getz, and many others. Here, he presents a historical look at the greatest jazz drummers from 1945 through 1965 with in-depth biographical information for each and a listing of their most famous recordings.

Well written, informative, and to the point. A marvelous study of the bebop era and its drummers. Makes enjoyable reading for everyone interested in Jazz history.

This item is currently not in stock. Delevery time is usually 3-4 weeks. Contact us for more information.

ISBN: 978-1-56224-035-6

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52nd Street Beat - Joe Hunt
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set Finale SongWriter 2012
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargeBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonBoomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale SetFinale SongWriter 2012