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A Purple Summer - Steven Sater

A Purple Summer - 

n February 1999, Steven Sater conceived the radical notion of creating a rock musical from Frank Wedekind's notorious Symbolist drama, Frühlings Erwachen, and he enlisted his friend and writing partner Duncan Sheik in the enterprise. That night, Sater came home and began writing the first ...
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A Suzuki Parent's Diary, or How I Survived My First 10000 Twinkles - Caroll Morris

A Suzuki Parent's Diary, or How I Survived My First 10000 Twinkles - 

What is it like to be a Suzuki parent? Morris gives a humorous and realistic view of what being in Suzuki is like.

There's Going to Be a Concert!
The January Doldrums
The Promises of Spring
The Invitation
The Commitment ...

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Ability development from age Zero - Suzuki, Shinichi

Ability development from age Zero - 

Ability Development From Age Zero deals more about education than music. The author, Shinichi Suzuki, states that the fate of a child is in the hands of his parents. He explains that parents have to create a warm environment for their children, in order to bring them happiness, talent, confidence ...
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An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians: The Romantic Period - Gilles Comeau & Rosemary Covert

An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians: The Romantic Period - 

An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians: The Romantic Period is far more than a history of music. It encompasses Life in the Romantic Era, The Arts in the Romantic Era, Musical Life In The Romantic Era, Charecteristics of Music in the Romantic Era, and composers of the Romantic Era. ...
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Beethoven's Chamber Music - Victor Lederer

Beethoven's Chamber Music - 

Unlocking the Master Series. Book and CD.
Ludwig van Beethoven's chamber works are some of his most revered compositions. Victor Lederer guides the serious nonprofessional listener through this oeuvre in his new book Beethoven's Chamber Music: A Listener's Guide.

Lederer shows how ...

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Brass Instruments: Their History and Development - Anthony Baines

Brass Instruments: Their History and Development - 

In this readable, well-researched history, a distinguished authority on musical instruments offers a concise survey of the evolution of trumpets, trombones, bugles, cornets, French horns, tubas, and other brass wind instruments. The story begins with such primitive contrivances as bark trumpets, ...
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Brian May's Red Special - Brian May, Simon Bradley

Brian May's Red Special - 

The Story of the Home-made Guitar that Rocked Queen and the World

“My dad and I decided to make an electric guitar. I designed an instrument from scratch, with the intention that it would have a capability beyond anything that was out there, more tunable, with a greater range of ...

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Bruce Springsteen FAQ - John D. Luerssen

Bruce Springsteen FAQ - 

All that's left to know about the boss.
Long before he sold 120 million albums globally in a career that has endured artistically and commercially like no other performer's in the rock era, Bruce Springsteen was a working-class New Jersey kid with a dream and a guitar. By the time he was 16, ...

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Careers in Music

Careers in Music

Book, English.
Musicians often seek jobs in performing or teaching, but in addition there are a wealth of exciting opportunities in the music industry that music students tend to know very little about.

Careers For Musicians explores what is available and offers insights into how ...

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Cello Story - Dimitry Markevitch / Florence W. Seder

Cello Story - 

Translated from the French by Florence W. Seder, Dimitry Markevitch concludes his preface, or Prelude as he calls it: "History, fact and personal anecdote blend here to provide a complete story of the instrument. May this book entertain you, help you to know the cello to the fullest, and lead ...
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Chop-Monster Jr. - Shelly Berg, Margaret Fitzgerald and Kimberly McCord

Chop-Monster Jr. - 

General music and classroom publications. Book and 2 CDs. English.
Chop-Monster Jr. is a teacher's handbook that clearly outlines how to teach jazz to elementary classroom music students. No prior jazz experience is necessary for teachers or students. Imaginative call-and-response ...

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Concucting Business - Leonard Slatkin

Concucting Business - 

Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Maestro.

Conducting an orchestra is something that is seen as well as heard, but it is quite misunderstood when it comes to knowing what this person actually does for a living. This most mysterious of jobs is brought to life for the music lover as well as ...

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De Muzieketalage - Ronald Du Chatinier

De Muzieketalage - 

In dit boekje worden kinderen spelenderwijs wegwijs gemaakt in de wereld van de muziekinstrumenten. Aan de hand van een superhandige indeling van de instrumentgroepen en zeer kindvriendelijk taalgebruik, krijgen kinderen een beeld van wat er allemaal te beleven valt op instrument gebied. De ...
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December 8, 1980 - Keith Elliot Greenberg

December 8, 1980 - 

The Day John Lennon Died.

December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died follows the events leading to the horrible moment when Mark David Chapman – the paunchy, mentally ill Beatles fan – calmly fired his Charter Arms .38 Special into the rock icon, realizing his perverse fantasy ...

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Desktop Mastering - Steve Turnidge

Desktop Mastering - 

Mastering your music is like mastering your life. It's amazing what happens when you clean up the noise, maximize your good work, and have your music sparkle and shine as you really want it to.

Desktop Mastering is a conceptual guide, intertwining a broad range of knowledge regarding ...

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