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  • Instrument: C instrumenten
  • Letter: R
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Ragtime Solos and Duets - Joplin Scott / Jerry Silverman

Ragtime Solos and Duets - 

C-Instruments. Arranged for flute, recorder, oboe, violin, mandolin, harmonica.
Includes 20 Scott Joplin favorites playable as solos or duets.
Titles are:
The Easy Winners
Elite Syncopations
The Entertainer
Heliotrope Bouquet
Maple Leaf Rag
Peacherine Rag
Rag Time Dance
Original Rags
Strenuous Life
Sunflower Slow Drag
A Breeze From Alabama
Weeping Willow
Something Doing
Lily Queen

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Ragtime Solos and Duets - Joplin Scott / Jerry Silverman
Renaissance Tunebook - John Holenko

Renaissance Tunebook - 

C Instruments. Beginning - intermediate level.
This collection includes over 70 compositions from the Renaissance presented as melodies with accompanying chord changes. This simple format makes the material suitable for any C melody instrument and/or any instrument that can play chord changes. The music includes some well known Renaissance melodies such as "Greensleeves" and "La Folias", along with rarer dance pieces and song melodies. Some of these melodies come from as early as the 1400s and others as late as the 1600s. The music in this book is excellent for instrumentalists looking to expand their repertoire, build an early music ensemble, or for instructional purposes. The book also comes with a few "Grounds" (jamming chord progressions), rhythmic accompaniment ideas and performance notes.

Titles are:
Bergerettes:Sans Roch
Bishop, The :Miss Dolland's Delight.
Bonny Sweet Robin
Branle Double.
Christchurch Bells
Der Juden Tanz
Don't Vient Cela
Fairie Round, The
Fine Knacks For Ladies
Fortune My Foe.
Frog Galliard,The
Go From My Window.
Guardeme Las Vacas
Heigh Ho For A Husband
Hey Robin, Joily Robin
Honeysuckle, The
Hunt Is Up, The
I Care Not For These Ladies
II Estoit Une Pillette
It Was A Lover And His Lass
J'ay Tant Bon Credit.
John Come Kiss Me Now
Kemp's Jig
La Bouree
La Folias De Espana
Lady Hudson's Puff.
Light 'O Love.
Lillibul ero
Martin Said To His Man
Mignonne Allons Voir Si La Rose
Monsieur 's Almain
Never Weather Beaten Sail.
Packington' s Pound
Pastime With Good Company
Pour Mon Coeur
Quant Je Voi Yver.
Ronde I : Por Quoy
Sellinger 's Round.
Shepard's Dance
Tant Que Vivray
Tarleton 's Jig
Three Ravens.
Watkin's Ale.
What If A Day
Willow Song, The
Wilson 's Wilde

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Renaissance Tunebook - John Holenko
Rhythm First! - C-Edition - Tom Kamp

Rhythm First! - C-Edition - 

A beginner's guide to jazz improvisation.
The first book to teach students to start soloing using rhythms instead of scales and chords.
- In a step-by-step fashion, Rhythm First! builds up the student's library of rhythmic figures and has them playing along with the accompanying CD to get the sound and feel of jazz soloing under their fingers.
- Melodically, the book starts with playing simple rhythmic figures on any note, then on the tonic of the F blues scale, followed by the tonic and one other note. Over the course of the book, it progresses to show how and when to use three kinds of blues scales.
- This Rhythm First! method is more fun and therefore more successful in getting kids starting to improvise than any other approach. A must for any school band program!
- 103 pages, including demonstration/play-along CD, $18 list price.
- C version available now. Bb, Eb and bass clef will be available in the spring of 2016.

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ISBN: 978-1-883217-86-0

EAN: 9781883217860

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Rhythm First! - C-Edition - Tom Kamp
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