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A-Tisket, A-Tasket - 2-Part Mixed - Ella Fitzgerald / Roger Emmerson

A-Tisket, A-Tasket - 2-Part Mixed - 

2-Part mixed.
Was it red? No no no. Was it brown? No no no. The famous Ella Fitzgerald rendition of a classic nursery song is a sassy, jazzy twist on the familiar lyrics. A great Discovery Series choice for developing jazz style in your younger choirs! Duration: ca. 2:40.

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Aeyaya balano Sakkad - 2-Part - John Higgins

Aeyaya balano Sakkad - 2-Part - 

2-part, song from India.
Your singers will enjoy learning this song from India that celebrates the Diwali Festival of Lights. Learn the pronunciation on the VoiceTrax CD or sing with the alternate English text. The authentic sitar and tabla sounds on the recorded accompaniment give this ...

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Al-Yadil Yadil yadi (2-PT) - John Higgins

Al-Yadil Yadil yadi (2-PT) - 

It isn't very often that you get a chance to perform music from the Middle East! This setting of an Arabic folksong isn't difficult and the percussion patterns are easily performed by your singers.
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All in the April Evening 2-Part  - Hugh Roberton

All in the April Evening 2-Part  - 

2-Part with piano.
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Alva Verliest Zijn Bril - Kurt Bikkembergs

Alva Verliest Zijn Bril - 

Straatlied voor kinderen en jeugdigen. SS en xylorimba
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Angel Band / Amazing Grace - 2-Part Mixed

Angel Band / Amazing Grace - 2-Part Mixed

Angel Band / Amazing Grace is a feel-good gospel medley of the popular bluegrass favorite, Angel Band, and the beloved hymn by John Newton (1725-1807), Amazing Grace. With uncomplicated vocal writing and an accessible accompaniment, this is ideal for any size choir and appropriate for worship ...
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Banana Boat Loader's Song (Day Oh) - 2-Part - Jamaican Work Song / Tom Anderson

Banana Boat Loader's Song (Day Oh) - 2-Part - 

Keep your younger choirs 100% on task with this arrangement of the popular Jamaican work song! Easily learned voice parts and flexible accompaniment for piano and classroom percussion add education and value!

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Best Day Of My Life - 2-Part - Aaron Accetta, David Rublin, James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez, Shep Goodman, Zechary Barnett / Roger Emerson

Best Day Of My Life - 2-Part - 

2-part and piano.
The indie-rock band American Authors has combined folk-style acoustic sounds with thumping African-inspired percussion grooves along with irresistibly upbeat lyrics and a happy pop-punk chorus for this 2014 pop hit. Easily learned, and fun to sing! Duration: ca. 3:10.

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Bohemian Rhapsody - 2-parted - Freddy Mercury / Queen / Mark Brymer

Bohemian Rhapsody - 2-parted - 

2-parted with piano.
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Bye Bye Blackbird - 2-Part - Steve Zegree

Bye Bye Blackbird - 2-Part - 

2-Part and piano accompaniment.
Here is a swinging arrangement of the great American standard in a style reminiscent of the Count Basie big bands of the 1950s. Opening in a spare style with unison vocals over a bass line, the texture gradually fills out to two parts, then solo with choir ...

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Can You feel The Love Tonight (from The Lion King) - 2-Part - Elton John, Tim Rice / Keith Christopher

Can You feel The Love Tonight (from The Lion King) - 2-Part - 

2-part with piano.
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Can You Hear Me - SS - Bob Chilcott

Can You Hear Me - SS - 

SS and piano, A simple and beautiful setting describing the wonder of a world seen through the eyes of a deaf child. In the chorus singers are encouraged to sign the words they are singing, resulting in very moving but unsentimental music.
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Car Wash - 2-Part - Norman Whitfield / James Ryan

Car Wash - 2-Part - 

2-part with piano, Recently featured in the Dreamworks animated feature Shark Tale, this 1977 #1 hit has found a new audience!
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Chickery Chick - 2-Part Mixed - Sidney Lippman / Sylvia Dee, Kirby Shaw

Chickery Chick - 2-Part Mixed - 

2-Part mixed and piano accompaniment.
Your singers will have fun with this novelty song from the 1940s and develop their vocal jazz chops at the same time! Opening in a happy-go-lucky 6/8, it sounds like an Italian street song full of nonsense lyrics, then it transitions into 4/4 swing with an ...

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Circle of Life (with Nants' Ingonyama) - 2-Part - Elton John/ Audrey Snyder

Circle of Life (with Nants' Ingonyama) - 2-Part - 

2-Part with piano, This Discovery arrangement features the powerful rhythms and warm harmonies that Disney's The Lion King is known for. Easily learned and a great young choir showcase.Available separately: 3-Part Mixed and 2-Part. Part for C Melody Instrument included.
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