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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Koor - vierstemmig
  • Categorie: Losse bladmuziek klassiek
  • Pagina: 1

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'Hope' is the thing with Feathers - SATB - Sarah Quartet

'Hope' is the thing with Feathers - SATB - 

SATB and piano
This is a beautiful setting of an evocative poem by Emily Dickinson that explores the symbolization of hope as a bird. Quartel offers soaring melodic lines, rich harmonies, and a fluttering accompaniment to illustrate the persistence of hope even through hardship.

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A Better Resurrection - SATB A Cappella - Howar Helvey / Christine Georgina Rossetti

A Better Resurrection - SATB A Cappella - 

SATB a cappella. English.
Constructed primarily in homophonic form, this setting of the Rossetti poem results in a poignant plea for resurrected life and spirit. Composer Helvey has dedicated this anthem to Woodhaven, a not-for-profit organization that provides community-based supported ...

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A Breath Of Kindness - SSAA - Lane Johnson

A Breath Of Kindness - SSAA - 

SSAA, flute and piano accompaniment.
An extraordinary text for women's chorus that speaks of the “comfort of feeling safe with a person.” Excellent Vocal writing that is beautifully supported and enhanced by the Piano and Flute. Commissioned by the BYU Women's Chorus.

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A Carol for our Times - SATB - David Bednall

A Carol for our Times - SATB - 

SATB (with S. solo) unaccompanied
This thought-provoking carol takes up the topical theme of the plight of refugees, drawing parallels with the stories and reception of Christ's birth. The text, by the composer, alludes to familiar lines from the Coventry Carol, rooting the piece in ...

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Minimum bestelhoeveelheid: 5 stuks

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A Celtic Blessing - SSAA A Cappella - David Hamilton

A Celtic Blessing - SSAA A Cappella - 

SSAA A Cappella.
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A City Called Heaven - SATB - Dwight Bigler

A City Called Heaven - SATB - 

SATB with Piano.
A powerful spiritual set to a new tune by the composer. Feelings of great longing and desperation in the text are expressed through the tonality and tempo. The polyphonic writing at the close of the work is expertly crafted and reflects how a spiritual might have naturally ...

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Minimum bestelhoeveelheid: 5 stuks

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A Clare Benediction - SATB - John Rutter

A Clare Benediction - SATB - 

SATB and piano, easy anthem.
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Minimum bestelhoeveelheid: 5 stuks

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A Flower Remembered - SATB - John Rutter

A Flower Remembered - SATB - 

SATB and piano.
This tender piece was composed in memory of the victims of Fukushima in 2011. It is both reflective and heartfelt, with a simple, appealing melody, rich harmonies, and a flowing accompaniment. It is a dual language publication, allowing for performance in both Japanese and ...

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A Light Exists in Sprint - SSA - Tarik O'Regan

A Light Exists in Sprint - SSA - 

A Light Exists in Spring is a setting of the poem by Emily Dickinson. It was commissioned by Methodist College Belfast Junior Choir and first performed at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast on 12th March 2008.
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A Moonlight Sonata - SATB - Ludwig van Beethoven / Katie Jeffries-Harris, Christopher Moore, Paul Smith

A Moonlight Sonata - SATB - 

SATB and piano accompaniment.
VOCES8 present a dreamlike choral fantasia based on the first movement of Beethoven's famous Moonlight piano sonata. Particularly suitable for mixed ability choirs, this piece has been used by VOCES8 in many of their school workshops.
The ...

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A New Song - SATB - James MacMillan

A New Song - SATB - 

SATB, This short anthem on texts from Psalm 96 is an ideal introduction to MacMillan’s choral music with its inflections of Scottish folkmusic, Gaelic Psalmody and plainsong. The choral writing is built upon drone-like pedal points, and it contrasts phrases for single voice parts with ornate ...
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A Poison Tree - SATB - Julian Marshall

A Poison Tree - SATB - 

A Poison Tree is a work by composer Julian Marshall for Unaccompanied SATB Choir. A setting of a poem by William Blake from his 'Songs of Experience', a full performance lasts around 2 minutes.

Print on demand: delivery time can be longer.

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A Sleepin' Bee (from House of Flowers) - SATB - Harold Arlen, Truman Capote / Paris Rutherford

A Sleepin' Bee (from House of Flowers) - SATB - 

SATB with piano and optional rhythm accompaniment, this ballad marked Diahann Carroll's 1954 debut on Broadway in House of Flowers and was further made famous in a recording by Barbra Streisand. This setting by Paris Rutherford is a delightful change of pace for both jazz and pop ensembles ...
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A South African Trilogy - SATB - Stephan P. Barnicle

A South African Trilogy - SATB - 

SATB A Cappella.
Siyahamba; Vula Botha; Bamthatha

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A Spotless Rose - SATB - Paul Mealor

A Spotless Rose - SATB - 

SATB divisi chorus.
The last of a set of four madrigals on rose texts,, 'Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal', for SATB (with divisi). Commissioned by John Armitage Memorial and first performed by the joint choirs of the University of St Andrews Chapel Choir, University of Aberdeen Chamber ...

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