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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Altviool
  • Categorie: Losse bladmuziek klassiek
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Adagio - Fanny Hensel- Mendelssohn

Adagio - 

Viola with piano. Intermediate level.
Composed as theme with variations the juvenile beat of this Adagio is a quasi Larghetto. The piano accompaniment shows chromatic lines of some originality. Fanny Hensel leaves behind the classical and romantic sense of scales and seems to envision tone ...

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Adagio and Allegro in Ab major Op. 70 - Schumann R. / Davis

Adagio and Allegro in Ab major Op. 70 - 

Viola and piano, arranged by Philipp-Davis.

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Adagio for Viola and Piano - Kodály Zoltán

Adagio for Viola and Piano - 

Viola and piano.
Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) composed Adagio for violin and piano in 1905 and dedicated it to the outstanding violinist Imre Waldbauer. In 1910 Kodály made versions of the work for both viola and cello, while Norbert Duka transcribed it for double bass. In 2014 we published ...

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Adagio in G Minor - Tomaso Albinoni

Adagio in G Minor - 

Viola with piano, score, no seperate viola part!
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Air - J.S. Bach / Wolfgang Birtel

Air - 

From Orchestral suite No. 3 BWV 1068. For viola and piano.
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Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen Nr. 2 – Liebesleid - Fritz Kreisler / Sergei Rachmaninoff,/Mats Lidström

Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen Nr. 2 – Liebesleid - 

Violia with piano.
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An Evening At The Village - Slovak Peasant's Dance - Béla Bartok / Károly Våaczi

An Evening At The Village - Slovak Peasant's Dance - 

For viola and piano. Transcribed by Vaczi Karoly.
Ein Abend am Lande - Tanz der Slowaken.

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Après un Rêve Op. 7/1 - Gabriel Fauré / Wolfgang Birtel

Après un Rêve Op. 7/1 - 

Viola (altviool) and piano. Easy to intermediate level.
'Novelty of form, selected modulations, strange tone colours, the use of completely unexpected rhythms', this is how Camille Saint-Saëns praised the debut work of a young colleague and continued: 'Above everything is a ...

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Arpeggione Sonata a minor D 821 (op. post.) - Franz Schubert

Arpeggione Sonata a minor D 821 (op. post.) - 

Edition for Viola with piano, Urtext edition, fingering for viola: Jürgen Weber.
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Au cœur de la Terre - Camille Pépin

Au cœur de la Terre - 

Original contemporary work for viola and piano.
Duration: 9' 20"

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Ave Maria Op. 52/6 - Franz Schubert / Wolfgang Birtel

Ave Maria Op. 52/6 - 

For viola and piano.
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Avril - Pascal Proust

Avril - 

Viola and piano, intermediate level.
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Blue Waltz - Viola - Eduard Puetz / Wolfgang Birtel

Blue Waltz - Viola - 

Viola and piano, easy to intermediate level.

Overcoming the boundaries between 'serious' and entertaining music was what mattered to the musician Eduard Pütz (1911–2000). His compositions therefore include stylistic features of jazz and pop music. Many of his works were ...

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Canon for Viola and Piano - Johann Pachelbel / Daniel Dorff

Canon for Viola and Piano - 

Viola with piano.

(Viola = Altviool!)

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Cantilene  - Leopold Jansa

Cantilene  - 

Viola and piano.
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