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Betelehemu - TTBB A Cappella - Brrington Brooks

Betelehemu - TTBB A Cappella - 

TTBB a cappella (piano only for rehearsal), Nigerian Christmas song in the Yoruba dialect. Pronunciation guide and translation included. SATB with African Drums. Drum rhythm suggestions included.
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Feliz Navidad - TTB - Feliciano, Jose / John Leavitt

Feliz Navidad - TTB - 

TTB with piano.
Finally, a voicing of the classic Jose Feliciano song for men's voices! Percussion and bass are optional, but a party attitude is required!

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Follow That Star to Betlehem - TTBB a cappella - Emily Crocker

Follow That Star to Betlehem - TTBB a cappella - 

TTBB a cappella.
This original spiritual celebrates Christmas with an energized rhythmic drive, an optional soloist, and solid, well-crafted vocal harmonies. An excellent holiday feature!

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Frosty the Snow Man - TTB - Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins / Kirby Shaw

Frosty the Snow Man - TTB - 

TTB and piano.
Now available separately: men! Frosty and friends come thumpity thumping right down to town – but with a little bit of a rock 'n' roll update. Zany and fun!

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Int The Bleak Midwinter - TTBB - Gustav Holst / Koen Vits

Int The Bleak Midwinter - TTBB - 

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Jamaican Noel - TBB - Kirby Shaw

Jamaican Noel - TBB - 

Now available for men's choirs, this bright and cheerful original will surely be heard resounding throughout the halls of your school - it's that irresistible! TBB and piano.
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Kwmbayah - TTBB A Cappella - K.J. Dinham

Kwmbayah - TTBB A Cappella - 

TTBB a capella.
African Tune.

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Little Saint Nick - TTBB - Brian Wilson, Mike Love / Beach Boys / Christopher Peterson

Little Saint Nick - TTBB - 

TTBB and piano.

You will have fun, fun, fun with this 1963 holiday classic by the Beach Boys! A great concert showcase for men's choirs and close harmony groups!

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Nutcracker Jingles - TTBB - James Piermont / Chuck Bridwell

Nutcracker Jingles - TTBB - 

TTBB with piano, It's "Jingle Bells"! it's The Nutcracker ! it's great fun ! it's "Nutcracker Jingles!" Festive frivolity abounds in this clever medley combining a favorite winter carol with the tunes from Tchaikovsky's most famous ballet. A ...
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Rocking Around The Christmas Tree - TTBB a cappella - Johnny Marks / Kirby Shaw

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree - TTBB a cappella - 

TTBB a cappella.
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Tears In Heaven- TTBB A Cappella - Eric Clapton/ Kirby Shaw

Tears In Heaven- TTBB A Cappella - 

TTBB A Cappella.
The intimacy and directness of a cappella singing create a special emotional atmosphere in this tender setting of the Grammy® award-winning pop hit by Eric Clapton. You will create a magical concert moment with the gentle guitar-style accompaniment recreated by the vocals and ...

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The Twelve Days After Christmas - TTB - Frederick Silver

The Twelve Days After Christmas - TTB - 

TTB with piano accompaniment.
"The first day after Christmas my true love and I had a fight!" This humorous spoof addresses the use and disposal of those twelve famous gifts. Introducing new voicings and a professionally recorded SoundTrax CD with hilarious sound effects. This title ...

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White Christmas - TTBB a cappella - Irving Berlin / Kirby Shaw

White Christmas - TTBB a cappella - 

TTBB a cappella.
Irving Berlin's classic in an exquisite a cappella setting.

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