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(Ghost) Riders in the Sky -TBB - Stan Jones / Kirby Shaw

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky -TBB - 

TBB with piano. You can almost hear the herd stampeding across the sky!
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(You're My) Soul and Inspiration - TTB - Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil / Righteous Brothers / Mac Huff

(You're My) Soul and Inspiration - TTB - 

TTB and piano.
This #1 song from 1966 by the Righteous Brothers is a powerhouse in this super TBB arrangement by Mac Huff.

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A Tribute to the Armed Services (A Medley) - TTBB - Lloyd Larson

A Tribute to the Armed Services (A Medley) - TTBB - 

The Official Songs of the U.S. Army / Marine Corps. / Coast Guard / Navy / Air Force (Army Air Corps) and America the Beautiful.
A Tribute to the Armed Forces is the only complete medley of official U.S. Military songs/hymns. Using The Army Goes Rolling Along, Marine Corps Hymn, Semper Paratus ...

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Amazing Grace - TTBB - John Newton / Ed Lojeski

Amazing Grace - TTBB - 

TTBB with optional guiar, electric bass, percussion (piano for rehersal only). Arr. by Ed Lojeski.
This setting is unlike any other version of “Amazing Grace”, with a gospel style that features both 4/4 and 3/4 time. The vocal parts are not difficult, making it an excellent setting for junior ...

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And I Love Her - TTB - John Lennon and Paul McCartney / Aurdry Snyder

And I Love Her - TTB - 

TTB and piano. The 1964 Pop hit by The Beatles. Arr. by Aurdry Snyder.
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And So It Goes - TTBB A Cappella - Billy Joel / Kirby Shaw

And So It Goes - TTBB A Cappella - 

Kirby Shaw's exquisite a cappella arrangement of this stunning Billy Joel pop ballad is available separately: men's and women's ensembles. Don't miss it! TTBB a cappella. Performance Time: Approx. 2:40.
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Angel Eyes - TTBB - Matt Dennis / Nicholas Hare

Angel Eyes - TTBB - 

A series of the finest songs for close harmony TTBB singing, taken from the bestselling Novello Barbershop Songbook. Renowned vocal arranged Nicholas Hare has added helpful performance notes to each of the songs, which are given delightful fresh and modern-sounding treatments.

Arranged ...

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Annie Laurie - TTB - Lady John Scott, William Douglas / Victor Johnson

Annie Laurie - TTB - 

TTB with piano.
Here is the beautiful Scottish song in an expressive and emotional setting for men's voices. Stunning

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Book Of Love - TTBB a cappella - Charles Patrick, George Malone, Warren Davis / The Monotons / Ed Lojeski

Book Of Love - TTBB a cappella - 

Would you believe this '50s hit was inspired by a toothpaste commercial? It's a terrific male parody on “how to keep your girl” put in an a cappella “street-style” setting. TTBB a cappella. Arr. by Ed Lojeski.
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Bridge over Troubled Water - TTBB - Paul Simon/ Kirby Shaw

Bridge over Troubled Water - TTBB - 

TTBB with piano, Kirby Shaw's phenomenal arrangement of this Simon & Garfunkel hit ballad is contemporary choral writing at its finest! The light, harmonic a cappella opening is contrasted with this soaring fresh gospel-style setting that holds opportunities for improvisation from multiple ...
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Can't Help Fallin' in Love - TTB - George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore / Elvis Presley / Ed Lojeski

Can't Help Fallin' in Love - TTB - 

TTB with piano.
One of the all-time favorites from none other than the King! This 12/8 classic croons with romance in a warm and wonderful setting by Ed Lojeski. Full harmonies, easily sung.

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Come To The Music - TTBB - Joseph M. Martin

Come To The Music - TTBB - 

TTBB with piano accompaniment.
Commissioned for a premiere performance at the Texas Music Educators Association 2000 convention, Joseph Martin’s Come to the Music is alive and electric with driving rhythm, memorable melodies, mixed meter, and joyful text. Optional percussion and piccolo ...

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Coney Island Baby/ We All Fall  - TTBB a Cappella - Spebsqsa

Coney Island Baby/ We All Fall - TTBB a Cappella - 

TTBB a cappella.
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Crazy little thing Called love - TTBB A Cappella - Freddie Mercury, Queen / Chris Peterson

Crazy little thing Called love - TTBB A Cappella - 

TTBB a cappella.
Your singers and audiences will love this barbershop arrangement with a bit of doo-wop flair! The #1 pop hit of 1980 by Queen will be a knock-out in performance!

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Credo (TTB) - Gibson

Credo (TTB) - 

TTB and piano (Traditional Latin).
Sung in Latin, this exciting praise song is appropriate for advanced high school through to adult male choirs. The infectious main theme and playfully shifting meter make this festive dance fun to sing and fun to hear.

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