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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Euphonium
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Samen Leren Samenspelen Deel 1 - Euphonium - Jaap Kastelein / Michiel Oldenkamp

Samen Leren Samenspelen Deel 1 - Euphonium - 

Euphonium, boek met online audio.

Na het grote succes van de methode Horen, lezen & spelen hebben Michiel Oldenkamp en Jaap Kastelein hun aandacht gericht op lesmateriaal voor blazersklassen. Zij bedachten een compleet nieuwe methode voor jonge blazers en slagwerkers vanaf ongeveer 8 ...

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Scaramouche - Philip Sparke

Scaramouche - 

Euphonium TC/ BC with piano. Intermediate to advanced level.
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Scenes du Far West  - Pascal Proust

Scenes du Far West  - 

Euphonium C/ Bb with piano, easy level.
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Selected Studies - Bariton BC - Himie Voxman

Selected Studies - Bariton BC - 

Euphonium/ Baritone B.C. studies. Advanced studies , scales and arpeggios in all major and all minor keys.
These excellent studies are the next step for students who have completed the advanced level method for their instrument. The full-page etudes in this series, key-centered and supported ...

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Serenade - Edward Elgar/ Eric Wilson

Serenade - 

Trumpet Bb with piano, intermediate level. Ideal for exam.
It is particularly suited to the trumpet or cornet and requires a fair amount of delicacy and musicality.

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Skilful Solos - Baritone / Euphonium (BC/TC) - Philip Sparke

Skilful Solos - Baritone / Euphonium (BC/TC) - 

Baritone/Euphonium (BC/TC), 20 progressive pieces with Piano Accompaniment, titles are: Nice to See You Again, Pony and Trap, Summer Siesta, Spring (Vivaldi, Antonio), A Victorian Ballad, Trumpet Tune, Promenade, Greensleeves, (Traditional), Could You Repeat That?, Alladale Aria, Scales of ...
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Skilful Studies - Bariton / Euphonium (BC/TC) - Philip Sparke

Skilful Studies - Bariton / Euphonium (BC/TC) - 

40 Progressive Studies. Gemiddeld niveau.
Skilful Solo past in het rijtje Starter Studies, Skilful Studies, Super Studies en Starter Solos, een succesvolle reeks van Philip Sparke. Net als de eerdergenoemde uitgaven bevat Skilful Solos waardevol, motiverend speelmateriaal dat de keuze voor ...

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Solo de Concurso - MIguel Yuste

Solo de Concurso - 

Euphonium with piano. Intermediate to advanced level.
This work is highly melodic, at times very dancelike, some big intervals and goes up the high concert D. There is also some very gorgeous melodic writing.The finale is challenging but very exciting, quite a ride.

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Solo Pieces Vol. 1 - Mortimer

Solo Pieces Vol. 1 - 

Euphonium Bb with piano, short pieces for the first year, titles are: Au Clair de la Lune, Twinkle twinkle Little Star, Frère Jacques, The Bluebelss Of Schotland, Alpine Song, Melancholy Waltz, Promenade, Pagoda, Goldfisch Blues, Cats On The Prowl, March Of The Gladiators, Berceuse, This Old Man, ...
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Sonata for Euphonium and Piano - Eric Ewazen

Sonata for Euphonium and Piano - 

Euphonium and piano.
Adam Frey is perhaps the greatest proponent of the euphonium (witness: euphonium.com), with over 70 works written or arranged specifically for him. For a world-class low brass player, it is only natural to add Eric Ewazen to that growing list of composers, and Ewazen ...

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Sonata N° 1 in F major - B Marcello / Mortimer

Sonata N° 1 in F major - 

Euphonium (Bb/C) and Piano.
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Sonate in F Major - Benedetto Marcello / Steven Mead

Sonate in F Major - 

Euphonium (G-and F-clef) with piano, advanced level.
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Song For Ina - Philip Sparke

Song For Ina - 

Euphonium (G-or F-clef) and piano.
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Songs Of A Wayfarer - Gustav mahler/ James Curnow

Songs Of A Wayfarer - 

Euphonium C/Bb with Piano. Intermediate to advanced level.
James Curnow's transcription of this lovely music for euphonium and piano strives to allow the beauty of the euphonium tone and expressive nature of the music to achieve a cohesive music experience for the performer, accompanist ...

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Southern Cross - Roy Newsome

Southern Cross - 

Euphonium Bb (G-clef), with piano, intermediate level.
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