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  • Instrument: Euphonium
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A La Suite Classique - Ito Yasuhide

A La Suite Classique - 

Euphonium and piano.
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A Short Sonata - James Flight

A Short Sonata - 

Euphonium (G-and F Clef, both parts are included) and piano

A Short Sonata is a work written at around Grade 8 standard for euphonium and piano. In each of the work’s three movements, different qualities of the instrument are utilised and explored. In the first movement, an Allegro in ...

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Air From Orpheus and Euridice - Gluck / Ronald Hanmer

Air From Orpheus and Euridice - 

Euphonium Bb (G-clef) with piano, Intermediate level.
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Air Varié - Victor Caussinus

Air Varié - 

Original for B b ophicleide and orchestra.
Arrangement for euphonium or saxhorn and piano : Laurent Vadrot.
Grade : intermediate (6) to advanced (7).
Duration : 11'

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Andante & Rondo - Guiseppe Antonio Capuzzi / Gerald Oswald

Andante & Rondo - 

From Concerto for double bass. Bariton / Euphonium BC / TC. Advanced level.
Solo with piano accompaniment.

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Andante & Scherzo - Reginald Heath

Andante & Scherzo - 

Euphonium Bb/ C (G- and F-Clef, both parts are oincluded) with piano.f
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Apres Un Reve (BC or TC) - Gabriel Fauré /Steven Mead

Apres Un Reve (BC or TC) - 

Euphonium (BC or TC) and Piano
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Aquarium - Pascal Proust

Aquarium - 

Euphonium with piano.
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Aubade  - Philip Sparke

Aubade  - 

Bb Euphonium with piano, advanced level.
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Aubade - Gareth Wood

Aubade - 

Euphonium, intermediate level.

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Azur - Gilles Martin

Azur - 

Original contemporary work for euphonium or saxhorn and piano.
Grade : easy (3).

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Baritone Concerto - Martin Ellerby

Baritone Concerto - 

Baritone Bb and piano.
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Beautiful Colorado (Valse Caprice) - Joseph De Luca

Beautiful Colorado (Valse Caprice) - 

Baritone B.C. (F-clef) with Piano. Contest piece.

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Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms - Simone Mantia

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms - 

Euphonium and piano, intermediate level.
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By Gaslight - Tadeusz Kassatti

By Gaslight - 

Euphonium (C-and F-clef) with Piano.
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