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A Miscellany for bassoon Book 1 (Easy) - Rose M

A Miscellany for bassoon Book 1 (Easy) - 

Bassoon (Fagot) and piano, titles are: Hornpipe, Gavotte, Cantilena, Folksong, Ballad, Intrada, Serenada, March, Menuet Antique, Merry Andrew, Sea Shanty. Easy level.
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A Miscellany for Bassoon Book 2  - Michael Rose

A Miscellany for Bassoon Book 2  - 

Bassoon and piano, intermediate level. A collection of 11 moderately easy pieces for Bassoon. Some works are unaccompanied.

Titles are:
Intermezzo Op.1 No.2 [Borodin, Aljeksandr Porfirjevic]
Polka In G Minor B.95 No.2 [Smetana, ...

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Abendlied - Bassoon Songs - Martin Gatt

Abendlied - Bassoon Songs - 

Bassoon with piano, twelve beautiful 19th songs.
Titles are:
Adelaide (Beethoven)
Phidyle (Duparc)
Chanson díAmour Op 27 no 1 (Fauré)
Fruhlingsglaube Op 20 no 2 (Schubert)
Frulingsnacht Op 39 no 12 (Schubert)
Nachte und Traume Op 43 no 2 (Schubert) ...

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Abracadabra for Bassoon (Pupil's Book) - Sebba Jane

Abracadabra for Bassoon (Pupil's Book) - 

A lively beginner's tutor for bassoon, this book offers tunes to play, instructions, balanced progression and scope for individual teaching approaches.
Abracadabra beginner's tutors feature: carefully graded selections of songs and tunes; clear guidance on theory and technique; enough ...

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Adagio - Louis Spohr / Wolfgan Birtel

Adagio - 

Bassoon (Cello, Violin, Flute, Clarinet in Bb) and piano. Intermediate level.

The composer, violinist and educationalist Louis Spohr (1784–1859) caused a sensation as a child already: At the age of 5, he took his first violin lessons and at the age of 15 was employed as chamber ...

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Allegro Giocoso - Gotkovsky

Allegro Giocoso - 

Bassoon and piano, intermediate level.
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Andante e Rondo Ungarese Op.35 - Carl Maria von Weber/ Waterhouse William

Andante e Rondo Ungarese Op.35 - 

Bassoon and piano, intermediate level.
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Andante et Rondo Hongrois Op. 35 - Carl Maria von Weber

Andante et Rondo Hongrois Op. 35 - 

Bassoon and piano, advanced level.
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Argonaut (Waltz) - Bassoon - Forrest L. Buchtel

Argonaut (Waltz) - Bassoon - 

Bassoon and Piano.
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Arioso - Marcel Cariven

Arioso - 

Bassoon (Fagot ) with piano, easy level. Examen piece.
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Arthritis III - Graham Lyons / Blakeman, E

Arthritis III - 

Fagot Solo, advanced level.

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Autumn Leaves - Richard Kershaw

Autumn Leaves - 

Bassoon and piano, titles are: Spring into Action, A Winter's Tale, Hi Summer! Grade 5-7.
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Aztec Ceremonies - Graham Wterhouse

Aztec Ceremonies - 

Contrabassoon with piano. Advanced level.

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Baroque Sonates

Baroque Sonates

Bassoon and piano, titles are: Sonate F major (Telemann), Sonata G major (Marcello), Concert C minor (Händel), Sonata D major (Telemann) Sonate B flat major (Vivaldi), Sonate C major (Geminiani).
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Bass Nightingale - Erwin Schulhoff

Bass Nightingale - 

Contrabassoon solo, Bass Nightingale by Erwin Schulhoff is one of the very rare pieces for double bassoon solo. It leads us down to the deepest regions of music, likte to the abysses of the musical underworld. These sounds fit perfectly with scenes in dark dungeons and old castles. A nightmarish ...
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