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"Arpeggione" Sonata - arr. by Shaul Ben-Meir

"Arpeggione" Sonata - 

5 C Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes, Bass Flute, Contrabass Flute (opt.), String Bass (opt.)

This arrangement for large flute ensemble comes from Shaul Ben-Meir, whose numerous adaptations have significantly helped to build the flute ensemble library. Scored for a minimum of 8 players, this ...

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At the Renaissance Faire - Louis Kocher

At the Renaissance Faire - 

Medieval Dance, Snowy Hills, The Little Robin Grieves, Willie Boy
These pieces are ideal for performances at medieval fairs, plays, dinners, etc., and are easy to put together and fun to perform.
◦ 4 C Flutes
◦ Alto Flute (optional on part 4) ...

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Ballets - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi / Robert van Beringen

Ballets - 

From Balletti a Cinque Voci.
For five part flute ensemble. Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, arranged by Robert van Beringen.
Contents: Amor vittorioso, La sirena, L'innamarato, L'ardito.

- conductor
- piccolo
- flute 1 (substitute for ...

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Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella - Martin Melicharek

Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella - 

A straightforward arrangement of the popular French carol with a charming flute descant in the second stanza.
◦ 3 C Flutes
◦ Alto Flute (or C Flute)
◦ Bass Flute 

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Buenos Aires Color Pastel - Maximo Diego Pujol

Buenos Aires Color Pastel - 

Flûte, alto et guitare.
Amarillo Caballito - Gris Mataderos - Intermedio - Violeta Paternal

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Chats - Marc Berthomieu

Chats - 

Flute Choir, score and parts. Advanced level.
Flute 1
Flute 2
Flute 2
Alto flute
Bas Flute

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Danza Mexicana No. 2 for Flute Ensemble - Yasha Datshkovsky / Arthur Ephross

Danza Mexicana No. 2 for Flute Ensemble - 

Arranged for flute choir by Arthur Ephross. (picolo, 4 flutes, alto flute and bass flute).
Print on demand, delivery time can be longer.

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Di Rayze Nokh Amerika (The Trip to America) - arr. by Adrianne Greenbaum

Di Rayze Nokh Amerika (The Trip to America) - 

Flute choir, score and parts.
This traditional klezmer tune for flute choir begs you to dance! Arranged by klezmer flutist Adrianne Greenbaum, Di Rayze Nokh Amerike (The Trip to America) can be performed in concert or as part of a dance program. This work can be repeated a few times, offering ...

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Distant Stars - Geoffrey Walker

Distant Stars - 

Flute ensemble , 5 flutes amd altflute, a stunningly atmospheric piece for five flutes and alto flute. A mesmerising concert piece!

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Dix pièces faciles pour trois flûtes - Raymond Guiot

Dix pièces faciles pour trois flûtes - 

Flute trio, 10 easy pieces, score and parts, titles are: Ecoutez- nous!, Nous sommes gais, Rêvons, Nous aimons jouer, Petit Concert, Blues, Petite Histoire, Nous sommes nostalgiques, Danse, Finale.
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Expandable Duets - Marvin Falcon

Expandable Duets - 

These pieces are aesthetically pleasing, musical, and whimsical. They are complete as duets, but can be expanded for trio or quartet, with 4 C flutes or optional alto or bass flute on Part 4. Also includes chords on score for additional instruments.

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Falconer - Catherine Falconer

Falconer - 

Flute ensemble, score and parts.
Original melodies which sound more like folk tunes, each movement brings a sense of place to the listener.
Flute 1 (doubles on Piccolo)
Flute 2
Flute 3 (or Alto Flute)
Flute 4 (or Bass Flute)

Titles are: ...

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Favorite Wedding Classics - Keth Snell

Favorite Wedding Classics - 

Flute Solo, Duet or Trio. Intermediate to advanced level.

Titles are:
Air (From The Water Music)  Composed by George Frideric Handel, Eb Major
Ave Maria  Composed by Charles Gounod/J.S. Bach, F Major
Bist Du Bei Mir (If Thou Are Near)  Composed by Johann Sebastian ...

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Fireworks - Daniel Dorff

Fireworks - 

Flute orchestra. Score and parts.
To mark its 50th anniversary, the Flute Society of Washington commissioned Daniel Dorff to compose a celebratory work for large flute ensemble, to premiere en masse at its 2016 convention. Dorff responded with Fireworks, a 5-minute dazzler scored for 2 ...

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Flex-Ability Pops - Flute - Victor Lopez

Flex-Ability Pops - Flute - 

Flute, Solo-Duet-Trio-Quartet with Optional Accompaniment, The Flex-Ability series, arranged by Victor Lopez, fills the need for multi-level instrumentalists to play popular music together. Each instrument book includes 11 songs in four-part score form. The top line (solo) is for level 2 1/2-3. ...
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