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  • Instrument: Gitaar
  • Categorie: Boek Klassiek Artiest
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A Celebration of his Music - John Duarte/ Paul Coles

A Celebration of his Music - 

Guitar Solo, intermediate level. 44 pages.
The British guitarist John W. Duarte was a well-known personality in the guitar world both at ome and abroad: he composed, taught, directed summer schools, produced
several books on guitar technique and worked too as a guitar journalist. His ...

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A Dream - John Downland/ Karl Scheit

A Dream - 

Guitar solo. Intermediate to advanced level.
These realisations for the guitar of John Dowland's lute pieces are as authentic as possible, with clear fingering and notation. As such, this selection of contrasting pieces from one of England's most highly regarded composers, makes a ...

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Adolescence - Georges Delerue

Adolescence - 

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Air With Variations - Mark-Anthony Turnage / Michael McCartney

Air With Variations - 

Guitar, difficult level.
Commissioned by Craig Ogden and the Cheltenham Music Festival, with funds generously provided by Paul Miron, Peter & Veronica Lofthouse and the Cheltenham Festival Society. Air with Variations was first performed by Craig Ogden in the Pittville Pump Rooms, ...

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Album de Guitarra Fácil 10 - Mercedes Sosa - Mercedes Sosa

Album de Guitarra Fácil 10 - Mercedes Sosa - 

Guitar, transcriptions de Osacar Nuñes Caballero.

Titles are:
Antiguo dueño de las flechas
Gracias a la vida
La añera
Los mareado
Pampa del sur
Todavia cantamos
Todo cambia
Sera posible el sur?

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Allà... en Latino América - Inés Peragallo

Allà... en Latino América - 

Guitar Solo, standard notation. Intermediate level.
Titles are:
Oh! Virgen de las Mercedes (Bolivia)
Estaba el negrito aquel (Venezuela)
El Coquí (Puerto Rico), El Tortillero (Chile)
El Gato de Mi Casa (Argentina)
A Canao (Brasil)
Que se le Quema (Mèxico).

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Anthology Of Selected Pieces - Silvius Leopold Weiss / Raymond Burley

Anthology Of Selected Pieces - 

Guitar. The edition is part of the ABRSM syllabus (grade 7,8).

Titles are:
• Ouverture
• Fantasie
• Tombeau sur la Mort de Mur. Comte d'Logy
• Capricio
• Ciacona
• Fuga
• Tombeau sur la Mort de M: Cajetan Baron d'Hartig ...

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Arioso - Bach / Steve Erquiaga

Arioso - 

Arrangement for 2 guitars.
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Atmosphere & Adventures - Alistair Smith

Atmosphere & Adventures - 

Trinity Performance Edition showcases previously unpublished pieces by contemporary composers, with each edition dedicated to one composer and instrument. Many pieces from across the series have been selected for Trinity syllabuses, while others make great transition pieces between ...

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Ausgewählte Folklorestücke - Maria Linnemann

Ausgewählte Folklorestücke - 

Guitar, standard notation, intermediate level.

Titles are:
Murmures (Whisperings)
Ballade pour Christine et Richard
Three tears
Henry dog extraordinary
Your name in the stars
Thoor Ballylee
Bossa nova
All at sevens and eights
Our ...

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Bach for Fingerpicking Guitar - Johan Sebastian Bach/ Oliver Waitze

Bach for Fingerpicking Guitar - 

Guitar Solo, standard notation and tablature.

Titles are:
Courante from 3rd Cello Suite- BMV 1009
Goldberg Variations - Variation Nr. 1 BMV 988
Corrente from Partita No 1 BMV 1002
Double-Lute Suite No 2 BMV 997
Prelude from Cello Suite No 2 BMV 1008 ...

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Bach for Guitar - Johann Sebastian Bach / Martin Hegel

Bach for Guitar - 

27 Transcriptions for Guitar.
The advantages of Bach's music are that it is universal and to a certain extent independent of the instruments for which it was composed. His music is structured in such a brilliant and clear manner that it sounds good on any instrument. These compositions by ...

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Bach Lute Suites For the Guitar - J.S. Bach / Willard

Bach Lute Suites For the Guitar - 

Edited and fingered by Jerry Willard. The complete works for lute solo by Johann Sebastian Bach, newly transcribed and annotated. Historical and performance notes.
Complete lute suites transcribed for guitar, titles are: Fuge, Prelude, Prelude, Fuge and Alllegro, Suite I, Suite II, Suite II, ...

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Bach On The Guitar - Johan Sebastian Bach / Mary Lane

Bach On The Guitar - 

Guitar, book and CD.
Between 1717 and 1723 Johann Sebastian Bach composed Six Suites for Violoncello (BWV 1007 – BWV 1012). Of these, the first three have been transcribed for Guitar in this coursebook, which in itself is a considerable amount of work. For guitarists these compositions are a ...

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Baroque Guitar In Spain and The New World - Koonce Frank

Baroque Guitar In Spain and The New World - 

Guitar Solo. A substantial amount of early music for the guitar remains unknown to modern performers and audiences. In recent years, however, musicologists, scholars and performers on period instruments have provided a wealth of accessible new source materials which players can now begin to ...
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