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Clockwork Angels - Rush

Clockwork Angels - 

Bass guitar, authentic bass TAB.
Rush's 19th studio album features all the classic elements that have endeared the band to several generations of fans and made them the most successful progressive rock group of all time! The book contains all the songs faithfully transcribed in authentic ...

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Complete Blues Bass Book - Mike Hiland

Complete Blues Bass Book - 

Standard notation and tablature. Book and online audio.
A very thorough study of blues bass lines covering many different blues styles from Texas swing to jazz and rock blues. Along with specific instruction and analysis, plenty of sample blues bass lines are included. Great for beginners to ...

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Complete Funk Bass Guitar - Mike Hiland

Complete Funk Bass Guitar - 

For electric bass, complete method for funk.Funk music is challenging with regard to technique and note selection This text covers these important areas, in addition to sections on articulation, fingerstyle funk, slap style funk, listings of important scales and modes, playing with a drummer, ...
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Complete Learn to Play Bass  - Stefan Richter

Complete Learn to Play Bass  - 

Guitar tab and standard notation, beginner to professional level, everything you want to know about Bass playing contained within one book. Takes you from beginner to professional level in all styles and techniques as well as teaching music theory in an interesting and parctical way. Features ...
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Concepts for Bass Soloing - Chuck Sher / Johnson Marc

Concepts for Bass Soloing - 

Indludes two CD's of Marc Johnson soloing on each excercise. Contents: Choice of notes in one mode, Phrasing exercises, Choice of notes on a given chord, Practicing soloing on tunes, Fundamental exercises from 'The Improvisor's Bass Method', Transcribed Bass solos.
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Contemporary Rock Styles for the Bass - Kelly Gary

Contemporary Rock Styles for the Bass - 

Electric Bass/ Double Bass. This book and CD are about the styles and grooves that make up the full array of today's Rock scene. If you want to be a well-rounded, well-trained musician, this is the material you need to know. You will also get an insight into the constant cross-fertilization of ...
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Corso Per Principianti: Basso Elettirco

Corso Per Principianti: Basso Elettirco

Bass guitar, book wiht downloads, Italian.
Il Corso per Principianti è stato progettato per insegnarvi tutte le nozioni di base per suonare il vostro strumento. Le immagini vi accompagneranno passo dopo passo e fin dal primo giorno di studio suonerete assieme a una base musicale!

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Country Bass: A Guide to the Essential Styles and Techniques - Glenn Letsch

Country Bass: A Guide to the Essential Styles and Techniques - 

The Hal Leonard Country Bass Method is your complete guide to learning the styles and techniques of country bass. This book and CD package uses actual songs from classic to modern country to teach you how to groove like the great Nashville session bassists. The CD includes 41 full-band tracks for ...
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Crash Course Bass - Stuart Clayton

Crash Course Bass - 

Bass guitar, book and CD. Beginner level.
Crash Course: Bass provides a fast track to getting to grips with the four-string monster, with easy-to-follow exercises, basic theory and tips on producing some awe-inspiring bass lines. Develop your technique and style in just 8 weeks! All the ...

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De Lopende Bas - Ed Friedland

De Lopende Bas - 

De lopende bas "Walking Bass" is de meest voorkomende stijlfiguur in het jazz-basspel. Het belangrijkste idee achter de lopende bas is dat de beweging van de kwartnoten in de baspartij verbeeldt. Je kunt de lopende bas toepaseen in iedere muziekstijl: rock, blues, rock-a-billy, R & B, ...
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Death Magnetic - Bass Transcriptions - Metallica

Death Magnetic - Bass Transcriptions - 

Bass TABs. Exact bass transcriptions for all of Robert Trujillo's wicked licks from this smash hit CD. Includes artist-approved notes & tab for the hit single “The Day That Never Comes” and 9 more: All Nightmare Long • Broken, Beat & Scarred • Cyanide • The End of the Line ...
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Deluxe Bass TAB Collection 1975-2007 - Rush

Deluxe Bass TAB Collection 1975-2007 - 

Bass guitar, authentic bass TAB.
From the legendary progressive rock band, Rush, this collection covers their 30+ year career. Commencing in the mid-'70s and concluding with chart success Snakes and Arrows this 22 song collection is a tribute to prog-rock, master bassist Geddy Lee. All of ...

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Directory Of Bass Grooves (Bass Builders)

Directory Of Bass Grooves (Bass Builders)

Bass guitar tab with chord symbols. Intermediate level.
The essential bass lines and history for 34 styles. Covers all styles of rock/pop, metal, rhythm and blues, jazz, afro-cuban, afro-caribbean, country, blues and funk.

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Discovering Rock Bass - Dominic Palmer

Discovering Rock Bass - 

An introduction to playing rock and pop styles, techniques, sounds and equipment. Book and CD, English.
This distinctive book presents a comprehensive overview of the key bass styles and bass players of Rock and Pop music from 1950 to the present day, including Rock'n'Roll, the ...

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Easy Pop Bass Lines

Easy Pop Bass Lines

Bass Method Series, book & CD. Play your favorite hits from The Beatles, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Garth Brooks, Eric Clapton and more with this songbook that correlates with Book 1 of the Hal Leonard Bass Method! The songs are presented in order of difficulty, beginning with simple one- ...
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The Inner Game Of Music - Barry Green / Timothy Gallwey Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Jo Mahieu De Halve Tonencirkel - Bob Selder
The Inner Game Of MusicPure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargePop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1De Halve Tonencirkel