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100 Jazz Lessons - Josh Needleman, Matt Rybicki

100 Jazz Lessons - 

Bass Lesson Goldmine Series. Bass guitar, book with audio online. TAB.
Expand your bass knowledge with the Bass Lesson Goldmine series! Featuring 100 individual modules covering a giant array of topics, each lesson in this Jazz volume includes detailed instruction with playing examples ...

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100 Tips for Bass Guitar You Shouls Have Been Tols - Stuart Clayton

100 Tips for Bass Guitar You Shouls Have Been Tols - 

Despite the title, this book does not take the form of a list of tips and is instead a method book aimed at providing something players of all levels. Topics include tuning, notation, learning scales, phrasing, slapping, ear training, transcribing, fingerstyle and pick techniques and more.
100 ...

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101 Bass Tips - Stuff All the Pros Know and Use - Gary Willis

101 Bass Tips - Stuff All the Pros Know and Use - 

Ready to take your playing to the next level? Renowned bassist Gary Willis presents valuable how-to insight that bassists of all styles and levels can benefit from. The text, photos, music, diagrams and accompanying 64-track CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, ...
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12-Bar Blues - Dave Rubin

12-Bar Blues - 

The Complete Guide for Bass.
Book and CD, TAB.
The term “12-bar blues” has become synonymous with blues music and is the basis for an incredible body of jazz, rock 'n' roll, and other forms of popular music. This book and CD package is solely devoted to providing you with ...

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25 Essential Rock Bass Classics

25 Essential Rock Bass Classics

Bass recorded versions. Tabs. 25 songs every bassist should know, including: Another One Bites The Dust, Badge, Brown Eyed Girl, Calling Dr. Love, Come Together, Cross Road Blues (Crossroads), Crossfire, Detroit Rock City. Free Ride, Funk #49, Gimme Three Steps, Hey Joe, Iron Man, Jessica, Lay ...
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25 Great Bass Lines - Glenn Letsch

25 Great Bass Lines - 

Bass guitar, book and CD.
From James Jamerson and Bootsy Collins to John Entwistle and Flea, this book examines the genesis of bass guitar. It includes bass line transcriptions in notes & tab, lessons on how to play them, bios, equipment listings, photos, historical facts and more! The ...

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25 Top Rock Bass Songs

25 Top Rock Bass Songs

Bass guitar, TAB.
This is not your typical bass tab book. In this new Tab+ series from Hal Leonard we provide you guidance on how to capture the bass tones for each song as well as tips and advice on the techniques used to play the songs. Where possible, we've confirmed the gear used on ...

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5- String Bass Method - Emmel Brian

5- String Bass Method - 

Bass guuitar method, the 5-string bass is rapidly growing into the future and this is your handbook to meet it there. Besides discussing how to adapt to the differences in the 5-string versus the 4-string, this book explores the various ways of using the 5-string, practice tips, different ...
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5-String Bass - Taking Your Playing to New Lows - Ray Sharon

5-String Bass - Taking Your Playing to New Lows - 

Bass Guitar. How low can you go? The 5-string bass stretches the limits of normal bass playing to give you notes that are needed for many styles of contemporary music—including gospel, Latin, funk, metal, and pop. This book teaches you how to incorporate the 5th string into all these styles and ...
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5-String Bass Scale Chart - Corey Dozier

5-String Bass Scale Chart - 

5-String Bass.
Learn scales and their chord relationships with this 5-String Bass Scale Chart from Corey Dozier.
The chart is small enough to take with you on the go, allowing you to incorporate it into your daily warm-ups. Moveable scale diagrams help you to play each scale in any key, ...

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Ref: 96081  Prijs: € 8.39  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

50 Blues Basslines

50 Blues Basslines

Bass guitar, book with CD and DVD (Region 0).
The motto in this tutorial is 'Gained in practice, for use in practice'! What awaits you here? No one- or two-bar riffs and licks, but complete chord progressions performed in the style of illustrious blues Guitar players such as Otis ...

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50 Funk Grooves For The Bass - Bernie Cooper

50 Funk Grooves For The Bass - 

Bass guitar, book, CD and DVD (region 0).

This method features 50 funk grooves for all Bass players willing to have fun while practicing their instrument for hours.

To make the approach of these 50 funk grooves easier, a preliminary chapter is entirely dedicated to the playing ...

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50 Solos de Basse Faciles

50 Solos de Basse Faciles

Bass guitar, book with CD and DVD.
Constituée de 50 superbes solos de basse, cette méthode permet à tous les apprentis bassistes de se faire plaisir en étant, pour quelques instants, “lead” au sein d’un groupe. Une aspiration toujours plus présente chez les bassistes de tous ...

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50 Walkings pour Basse et Contrebasse - Bruno Tauzin

50 Walkings pour Basse et Contrebasse - 

Bass Guitar method, text in French.
Cette méthode rassemble 50 walkings à destination de tous les contrebassistes, et notamment les amoureux du Jazz, qui trouveront là matière à se faire plaisir sans limites ! Au programme donc, pas moins de 50 walkings sur des grilles d’accords ...

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