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Bass Along: 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0

Bass Along: 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0

Bass guitar, book with CD.
Continuing the tradition of the fantastic Bass Along series, this Play-Along edition features 10 of the best Classic Rock songs.

It's Not My Time [3 Doors Down]
Fairytale Gone Bad [Sunrise Avenue]
Don't You (Forget ...

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Bass Along: Classic Rock Continued

Bass Along: Classic Rock Continued

Bas guitar, book and CD. German / English.

Dieser Band unserer Play Along-Ausgabe teilt sich die Titelliste mit „Drum Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs Continued“ (BOE7862) und „Guitar Jam Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs Continued“ (BOE7868). Den Spielerinnen und Spielern wird damit ...

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Bass Arpeggio Finder - Chad Johnson

Bass Arpeggio Finder - 

Bass guitar.
Learn to play arpeggios on the bass with this comprehensive yet easy-to-use book. The 'Bass Arpeggio Finder' contains over 1300 arpeggio shapes, covering 28 different qualities for each key, with each quality presented in four different shapes.

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Bass Artist Transcriptions - John Patitucci

Bass Artist Transcriptions - 

Artist Transcriptions Series. Standard notation, titles are: Avenue D, Backwoods, Bertha's Bop, Change Of Season, Growing, On the Corner, Our Family, Piece And Quiet Time, Scrophile, Searching, Finding, Spaceships, They Heard Twice, 'Trane, Vaya Con Dios, Wind Spirit.
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Bass Bible - Paul Westwood

Bass Bible - 

The English Bassist Paul Westwood is one of the most in demand bass players of our time. His "Bass Bible" is the ultimate method book for every bass player. It contains a fascinating journey through the world of techniques, styles, grooves and their evolution. 287 pp, 2 cd's and all ...
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Bass Blueprints - Dominik Hauser

Bass Blueprints - 

Learn step by step how to create interesting bass lines and grooves using notes that outline the chords, in multiple positions on the neck. With this comprehensive book/CD pack, bass blueprints will be revealed by using diagrams and tablature to visualize patterns on the fingerboard. The ...
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Bass Builder's Hip-Hop Bass - Josquin Des Prés

Bass Builder's Hip-Hop Bass - 

101 authentic hip-hop bass lines spanning twenty-five years of music, with east coast, west coast, down south, straight and swing styles. A useful demonstration CD is included. Ideal for the discerning bass student. Bass Guitar Tablature.
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Bass Collection - Nirvana

Bass Collection - 

BASS TAB, titles are: About the girl, allapologies, Blew, Come as you are, Dumb, Floyd the barber, Heart shaped box, In bloom, Lithium, Lounge act, Mr. Moustache, On a plain, Penny royal tea, (New wave ) Polly, Rape me, Smells like teen spirit, Stain, Stay away.67
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Bass Extremes   - Steve Bailey/ Victor Wooten

Bass Extremes  - 

BASS GTR.TAB. and standard notation, titles are: A Chick From Corea, Bangkok Blues, Stan The Man, Victor's Jam, Thumb Start My Harley, Emerald Forest, Moonridge, Donna Lee. Book with CD.
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Bass Fitness - Josquin de Prez

Bass Fitness - 

An exercising handbook. 200 Chromatic finger exercises designed to: increase speek, improve dexterity, develop accuracy, and promote finger independence.
Josquin Des Pres. The purpose of this book is to provide the aspiring bass player with a wide variety of finger exercises for developing ...

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Bass Fitness - Een Oefenhandboek - Josquin des Pres

Bass Fitness - Een Oefenhandboek - 

Basgitaar, standaard notatie en TABs
200 Chromatische vingeroefeningen voor: vingervlugheid, lenigheid, trefzekerheid en de zelfstandige actie van de vingers.

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Bass for beginners - Ray Sharon

Bass for beginners - 

An easy beginning method. A friendly step-by-step approach, includes TAB, neck diagrams, and standard music notation. Examples in rock, blues, funk and jazz styles. Learn to slap 'n' pop. Book & CD.
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Bass Fretboard Workbook - Chad Johnson

Bass Fretboard Workbook - 

Bass guitar, easy level.
Do you play the bass guitar, but find parts of the fretboard to be uncharted territory? The Bass Fretboard Workbook will teach you how to conquer your fretboard's rough terrain, and no music reading is required!

Basic music theory helps improve your ...

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Bass Grooves - Ed Friedland

Bass Grooves - 

Develop your groove & play like the pros in any style. TAB.
This invaluable guide and accompanying CD give bass players both the musical background and training needed to get on with their grooving. With lessons guided by a metronome and presented in various musical styles and rhythmic ...

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Bass Guitar Techniques - Bernie Cooper

Bass Guitar Techniques - 

Bass guitar, book and DVD.

In order to be able to express yourself freely with the instrument, a good technique is essential. But this technique should be discreet and become both natural and instinctive so that it can serve the music. This can be achieved by practising specific ...

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