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  • Instrument: Gitaar, bas-
  • Letter: B
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Bach On The Bass - J.S. Bach

Bach On The Bass - 

Bass Guitar, book and CD.
Between 1717 and 1723 Johann Sebastian Bach composed Six Suites for Violoncello (BWV1007-BWV1012). Of these, the first three have been transcribed for Bass Guitar in this coursebook, which in itself is a considerable amount of work.

For bassists these ...

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Bas Gitaar voor beginners - Mulford

Bas Gitaar voor beginners - 

Bas gitaar methode. Leer snel basgitaar spelen dankzij duidelijke foto's. Met meespeel CD, tab-systeem en honderden illustraties.
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Basic Bass - Billy Sheehan

Basic Bass - 

Book & DVD. Join legendary artist Billy Sheehan as he reveals the techniques and secrets behind his success as one of the most respected players of all time. Now you can learn to play bass from one of the true masters. 32 pages.
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Basic Bass Guitar Chord Chart

Basic Bass Guitar Chord Chart

Easy to read diagrams with fingering chart.
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Basic Bass Workout - Stuart Clayton

Basic Bass Workout - 

The Bass is fundamental to all forms of music, and being a versatile and accomplished player has never been so important. This pocket-sized guide to the Bass, written by Stuart Clayton, provides you with everything you need to develop a comprehensive knowledge of your instrument and the music you ...
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Basix Bas Methode Nederlandse editie - Ron Manus & Morty Manus

Basix Bas Methode Nederlandse editie - 

Boek en CD. Bevat rock, blues, heavy metal, country en jazz stijlen. Gebruikt TAB en standaard notenschrift. Bevat essentiële ladders en baslijnen. CD bevat begeleidingen voor liedjes en oefeningen.
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Bass & Drum Grooves - David Johson, Peter Safran

Bass & Drum Grooves - 

Bass guitar, drums.
This method is designed for both the bassists and drummers and its purpose is to help them play together in almost all major musical styles: Rock, Blues, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Disco/Dance, Reggae, Latin music, etc... The many grooves presented here, even if they can be ...

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Bass 101 - A Contemporary Approach to Playing Bass - Ron Manus/ L.C. Harnsberger

Bass 101 - A Contemporary Approach to Playing Bass - 

Bass 101 uses a contemporary approach that starts with the very basics and gets you playing right away. Watch, listen, and learn as the DVD instructor explains every lesson from the book and performs each song and exercise—just like taking a class in the privacy of your own home. If you’re new ...
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Bass Aerobics - Jon Liebman

Bass Aerobics - 

Bass guitar, TAB, book and audio online. Intermediate / advanced level.
Perfect for beginning to advanced players, this book/download pack by world-renowned bassist and educator Jon Liebman provides a 52-week, one-exercise-per-week workout program for developing, improving and maintaining ...

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Bass Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs

Bass Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs

Bass Guitar, TAB, book and CD. Easy level.
Develop and hone a solid, steady technique with these ten Classic Rock Lead sheets for bassists. Play-along with classic rock songs, including massive rock hits by the Beatles, The Police, Bryan Adams and more of your favourite artists. What's ...

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Ref: 59559  Prijs: € 19.80  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Bass Along: 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0

Bass Along: 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0

Bass guitar, book with CD.
Continuing the tradition of the fantastic Bass Along series, this Play-Along edition features 10 of the best Classic Rock songs.

It's Not My Time [3 Doors Down]
Fairytale Gone Bad [Sunrise Avenue]
Don't You (Forget ...

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Bass Along: Classic Rock Continued

Bass Along: Classic Rock Continued

Bas guitar, book and CD. German / English.

Dieser Band unserer Play Along-Ausgabe teilt sich die Titelliste mit „Drum Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs Continued“ (BOE7862) und „Guitar Jam Along - 10 Classic Rock Songs Continued“ (BOE7868). Den Spielerinnen und Spielern wird damit ...

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Bass Arpeggio Finder - Chad Johnson

Bass Arpeggio Finder - 

Bass guitar.
Learn to play arpeggios on the bass with this comprehensive yet easy-to-use book. The 'Bass Arpeggio Finder' contains over 1300 arpeggio shapes, covering 28 different qualities for each key, with each quality presented in four different shapes.

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Bass Artist Transcriptions - John Patitucci

Bass Artist Transcriptions - 

Artist Transcriptions Series. Standard notation, titles are: Avenue D, Backwoods, Bertha's Bop, Change Of Season, Growing, On the Corner, Our Family, Piece And Quiet Time, Scrophile, Searching, Finding, Spaceships, They Heard Twice, 'Trane, Vaya Con Dios, Wind Spirit.
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Bass Bible - Paul Westwood

Bass Bible - 

The English Bassist Paul Westwood is one of the most in demand bass players of our time. His "Bass Bible" is the ultimate method book for every bass player. It contains a fascinating journey through the world of techniques, styles, grooves and their evolution. 287 pp, 2 cd's and all ...
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