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Scales For The Bass Guitar in 3D - Steve Hall

Scales For The Bass Guitar in 3D - 

Bass guitar, book with CD and DVD (region 0).
No more trouble with whole- and half-tone calculations, no more bother with scale transpositions and visualizations either! This coursebook provides fretboard charts (24 frets) for every existing scale (be it major, minor pentatonic, major ...

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Serious Electric Bass - The Bass Player's Complete Guide To Scales And Chords - Di Bartolo, Joel / Stang

Serious Electric Bass - The Bass Player's Complete Guide To Scales And Chords - 

Bass basics, major scales and modes, harmonic and melodic minor scales and modes, arpeggio patterns and symmetric scales (whole tone and diminished). SERIOUS ELECTRIC BASS is a definitive, comprehensive, user-friendly guide for electric bassists of all levels. 279 pages.
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Simplified Sight-Reading for Bass

Simplified Sight-Reading for Bass

Bass instruction series, TAB. This book/CD pack helps bass players expand their reading skills. Beneficial for beginners through advanced players, this pack covers rhythms, notes, intervals, accidentals, and key signatures, as well as common bass patterns in blues, R&B, funk, rock, and more. ...
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Sittin' In with Rocco Prestia Of Tower Of Power - Rocco Prestia

Sittin' In with Rocco Prestia Of Tower Of Power - 

Bass guitar tabs. Book and CD. CD features full band tracks both with and whtout bass line. Includes Bio and Rocco's performance notes for each song. Contents: Down to the nithtclub, There's only so much oil in the ground, What is hip, Don't knock it, F-Funk, Free fallin' ...
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Sittin' In with the Big Band - Bass

Sittin' In with the Big Band - Bass

Sittin’ In with the Big Band: Jazz Ensemble Play-Along is written at the easy to medium-easy level. It provides an opportunity to play along with a professional jazz ensemble to improve your playing 24/7. As you play along and listen to the outstanding players in the band, you’ll learn about ...
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Sittin' In with the Big Band - Volume 2  Grade 3

Sittin' In with the Big Band - Volume 2 Grade 3

Bass, Sittin’ In with the Big Band, Vol. II is more than just a fun play-along kit. This book and CD set features 10 big band charts written at the intermediate level. Titles are: Alianza, Get it On, Greensleeves, Jump, La Suerte de los Tontos, On Green Dolphin Street, The Red Door, Secret Love, ...
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Slap Bass Bible

Slap Bass Bible

Bass guitar recorded versions.
30 great slap bass songs are included in this collection of note-for-note bass transcriptions with tab: Aeroplane (Red Hot Chili Peppers) • Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz) • Glide (Pleasure) • Peg (Steely Dan) • Rio Funk (Lee Ritenour) • School Days (Stanley ...

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Slap Bass for Five and Six String Bass - Chris Matheos

Slap Bass for Five and Six String Bass - 

Focuses on the two most popular topics in the bass world today: slap bass and multiple-stringed basses. Covers a wide variety of slap techniques including triple pops, double pops, and individual string control. Also focuses on the music theory behind slap bass such as intervals, chords, scales, ...
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Slap Bass Lines - Joe Santerre

Slap Bass Lines - 

Learn the Art of creating solid slapp bass grooves in rock, funk, and jazz music. The lesson provide more more than 80 examples of bass lines, get you jamming with the accompanying CD, and inspire you to experiment with your own creations.
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Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide - DVD - Ed Friedland

Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide - DVD - 

This DVD is the ultimate source for learning the secrets of funk bass, in a player-friendly menu format. Covers: instruction on slapping, popping, left-hand integration, dead notes, and more dangerous techniques; a dedicated groove for each new technique; grooving with a drum machine; funk history ...
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Slap Bass Workout - Jimm Stinnett

Slap Bass Workout - 

Contemporary Techniques For Electric Bass
Slap Bass Workout is NOT a reading book. You can practice "your groove" with the 57 track play-along CDs. The grooves are fundamental and the techniques are used by all slappers.
On the recording you will hear lines which you can learn ...

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Solo for Bass Guitar - Leo Bachrach

Solo for Bass Guitar - 

Bass Guitar, standard notation and tablature. Intermediate Level.
Transcriptions of classical music, titles are:
Menuett (J.S. Bach)
Präludium (George Gershwin)
Andante aus Sonate Nr. 15 (Beethoven)
Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5 (Brahms).

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Soloing for Bass - Dominik Hauser

Soloing for Bass - 

A topic not often broached for bass guitar, improvising a solo can be a scary and mysterious situation for many bass players. Have no fear! This excellent book/CD pack delivers all you need to become a master soloist, no matter what style of music you play. Featuring loads of solo exercises, clear ...
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Stadium Arcadium - Bass Recorded Versions - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Stadium Arcadium - Bass Recorded Versions - 

Bass guitar, TAB, intermediate / advanced level.
The ninth album by the California funk-rockers continues the band's progression into a deeper, soulful and more melodic sound as already displayed the multi-platinum albums Californication and By The Way. After bridging the gap between the ...

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Standing in the Shadows of Motown - The Life and Music of the Legendary Bassist James Jamerson - James Jamerson / Allan Slutsky

Standing in the Shadows of Motown - The Life and Music of the Legendary Bassist James Jamerson - 

Bass guitar, book and audio online. The life an music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson.

Bassist James Jamerson was the embodiment of the Motown spirit and groove - the invisible entity whose playing inspired thousands and made it impossible for anyone to sit still while listening to ...

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Overscore Tape Spreken en Zingen - Eldar The Inner Game Of Music - Barry Green / Timothy Gallwey Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki
Overscore TapeSpreken en ZingenThe Inner Game Of MusicSuzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition