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Air Russe Varié No. 3 Op. 25 - Pierre Dalvimare / Marielle Nordmann

Air Russe Varié No. 3 Op. 25 - 

Harp solo, intermediate to advanced level.

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Alkermès - Bernard Andrès

Alkermès - 

3 pièces pour harpe à simple mouvement ou grande harpe. Intermediate level.
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An Anthology of English Music for The Harp Book 2 - Rhian Samuel

An Anthology of English Music for The Harp Book 2 - 

Harp Solo, titles are; Sarabande (William Croft), Ground (William Croft), Suite No. 1 in G (Purcell), Round O (Purcell), Air (Purcell), Ground (Purcell), Hornpipe (Purcell), Suite No. 8 in F (Purcell), Mortlack's Ground (John Blow). Intermediate level.
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An Anthology of English Music for The Harp Book Volume 1 - David Watkins

An Anthology of English Music for The Harp Book Volume 1 - 

Harp Solo, Volume 1: 1550-1650.
Titles are: A Toy (Anon.), Giles Farnaby's Dreame (Farnaby), His Rest (Farnaby), Tell Mee Daphne (Farnaby), Alman (Morley), Pavana (Byrd), Praeludium (Bull), Praeludium (Bull), Lachrimae Antiquae Pavan (Dowland), My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (Dowland), The Fall Of ...

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An Evening In the Village  - Bartok

An Evening In the Village  - 

Harp solo. Arr. by Jardanyi Pal.
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Andalusia, Bolero Brillant op. 159  - Karl Oberthür (1819-1895)

Andalusia, Bolero Brillant op. 159  - 

Harp Solo, advanced level.
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Andrew Lloyd Webber Arranged for the Harp - Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Sylvia Woods

Andrew Lloyd Webber Arranged for the Harp - 

Harp solo, Sylvia Woods has arranged 11 songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber from many of his most famous pop operas. Five of the songs are from Phantom of the Opera, as well as hits from Cats, Starlight Express, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Requiem and Tell Me on a Sunday. For intermediate to advanced ...
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Appalachian Echoes for Harp Solo - William Mayer

Appalachian Echoes for Harp Solo - 

Harp Solo.
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Aquatintes - Bernard Andrès

Aquatintes - 

For harp or celtic harp solo.
(6 Pieced breves pour harpe ou harpe celtique).

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Arabesque - Marcel Grandjany

Arabesque - 

Harp solo.
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Arpa Latina 2 - Inge Frimout-Hei Inge

Arpa Latina 2 - 

Harp solo,
Arpa Latina 2 started as a follow-up of the very popular method for South American harp music in the dutch language.

This time, Arpa Latina 2 is fully suitable for harpers of all languages. Also, it can be played independently from its predecessor.

Arpa ...

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Asters  - Bernard Andrès

Asters  - 

6 little pieces for small or great harp.
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Automates - Bernard Andrès

Automates - 

Harp Solo, 12 Pièces en Forme de Danses Anciennes, titles are: Menuet, Menuet, Bourrée, Sarabande, Gaillarde, .Sicilienne, Gigue, Tambourin, Rigaudon, Gavotte, Passepied, Marche. Intermediate level.
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Automne  - Marcel Grandjany

Automne  - 

Harp with pedals, intermediate level.
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Ballads and Court Dances of the 16th & 17 Th Centuries - Deborah Friou

Ballads and Court Dances of the 16th & 17 Th Centuries - 

24 tunes selected from the recording Renaissance Muse for non-pedal and pedal harp. Complete with introduction and historical notes.

Contents: Tunes from the Straloch Lute Book: Canarie I, Ladie Ann Gordon's Lilt, Canarie II; Tunes from the Rowallen Lute Book: A Daunce, Currant, Corne ...

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