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Alkermès - Bernard Andrès

Alkermès - 

3 pièces pour harpe à simple mouvement ou grande harpe. Intermediate level.
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Andalusia, Bolero Brillant op. 159  - Karl Oberthür (1819-1895)

Andalusia, Bolero Brillant op. 159  - 

Harp Solo, advanced level.
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Arpa Latina 2 - Inge Frimout-Hei Inge

Arpa Latina 2 - 

Harp solo,
Arpa Latina 2 started as a follow-up of the very popular method for South American harp music in the dutch language.

This time, Arpa Latina 2 is fully suitable for harpers of all languages. Also, it can be played independently from its predecessor.

Arpa ...

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Asters  - Bernard Andrès

Asters  - 

6 little pieces for small or great harp.
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Au Matin, Étude de Concert Pour Harpe - Marcel Tournier

Au Matin, Étude de Concert Pour Harpe - 

Harp solo.
French harpist, composer and teacher, Marcel Tournier (1879-1951) wrote important solo repertoire for the Harp which expanded the harmonic and technical possibilities of the instrument. His Étude De Concert Au Matin is no exception.

Composed in 1940, Étude De Concert Au ...

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Automates - Bernard Andrès

Automates - 

Harp Solo, 12 Pièces en Forme de Danses Anciennes, titles are: Menuet, Menuet, Bourrée, Sarabande, Gaillarde, .Sicilienne, Gigue, Tambourin, Rigaudon, Gavotte, Passepied, Marche. Intermediate level.
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Beginnings - Geoffrey Burgon

Beginnings - 

Harp Solo, nine pieces on the subject of the Creation, titles are: Dawn, First Sun, First Rain, First Plant, First Fish, Easy level.
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Carolan, The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper - Donal O Sullivan

Carolan, The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper - 

Originally published in 1958, Donal O'Sullivan's classic study of Turlough O Carolan became a musical and historical beacon for all those interested in Ireland's past an present. It is an indispensable tool for Irish musicians, wo through this remarkable volume of research can go ...
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Charades - 15 Etudes Faciles - Bernard Andrès

Charades - 15 Etudes Faciles - 

Harpe ou harpe celtique, easy progressive studies.
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Claude Debussy Pour la Harpe - Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy Pour la Harpe - 

Harp solo with pedals, titles are: Clair de lune de la Suite Bergamasque (transcription de Victor Coeur) - Rêverie (transcription de Frédérique Cambreling) - Valse romantique (transcription de Lily Laskine).
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Danses Automne  - Bernard Andrès

Danses Automne  - 

Six pieces for little or great harp.
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Danses Bretonnes - Soazig Noblet

Danses Bretonnes - 

A selection of 10 original pieces and transcriptions for celtic harp.

Titles are: Bisig, A dreuz ar c'hoat, Dans-hir Sizun, Soazig hag he botou-koat, Polka pik-pik, Dans-Franch, Biz-yod, La Dauvergne, Danse Klamm, Scottich. Intermediate level.

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Dix Préludes - J.S. Bach /  Henriette Renie

Dix Préludes - 

Harp with pedals, 10 preludes from Das Wohltemperierte Klavier.

J.S. Bach (1685-1750) is one of the most famous composers ever to have lived. As a German composer of the baroque era, Bach's music is revered for its technical command, artistic beauty and intellectual depth. Henriette ...

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En Forêt - Benoit Wery

En Forêt - 

10 pieces for celtic or great harp, written for young harpists, particularly pupils around grade I to II level. Titles are: Sous le Tilleul, Faon vient de naître, Jeux de papillons, La Chanson de Papi Hibou, La Danse du cygne, A la lisière, La ballade du petit labrador, Hymne à l'impératrice ...
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Épices 1er Cahier - Bernard Andrès

Épices 1er Cahier - 

For harp, titles are: Muscade, Vanille, Pistache, Paprika.
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