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  • Instrument: Harp
  • Categorie: Methode
  • Letter: C
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Celtic Harp Anthology - Star Edwards

Celtic Harp Anthology - 

Harp, easy level.
Before the 1700s, Celtic music was kept alive through the long oral tradition of learning and memorizing tunes without the aid of pen and paper.

This collection by Star Edwards features pieces found in historical collections dating from the late 1700s and 1800s. These fresh vibrant melodies connect us to our ancestors' desire to capture the distinctive qualities of native traditional music.

Suitable for advanced beginners to intermediate level Harp players, the Celtic Harp Anthology is a compilation from twenty-one collections that were the proud work of spirited countrymen and women. Within these pages, you will find the strains of music that filled gleaming white-thatched homes with joy and boundless energy. Connect with the heart and soul of a timeless culture and experience the music that eased the hardships of living.

This book is designed for use with lever folk Harps (or pedal Harps) that have thirty-three strings or less with G (one and a half octaves below middle C) as their lowest note, in the keys of F, C, G, D and A. The tunes are appropriate for nylon or wire-strung Harps and two songs require lever flips.

A Spinning Wheel Tune
Awake The Harp’s Slumber
Belladrum House
Blackwater Foot
Bobbity Dawly
Cawdor Fair & Captain Kennedy Medley
Chorus Jig
Connor Macareavy
Coupar Angus Jigg
Edinburgh Castle
Fire On The Mountains
Gardner’s Hornpipe
Girls Have You Seen George
Good Night And Joy Be With You
How Sad I Am - Dan Deirg - Turn Back The Cows Duncan Medley
Jackson’s Dream
Lough Allen
Love For Ever
Merry Today
Miss Margaret Skelton’s Jig
Miss McReady Of Perston’s Favourite
Miss Montgomrie Of Annick Lodge Strathspey
Miss Nancie Low’s Reel
Mr. Oswald’s Reel
Munster Jig
My Jewel, My Joy - Down By The Banks Of The Sweet Primrose - My Guiding Star Medley
My Sorrow And Trouble
Nora, With The Purse
O’Donnell’s March
Oh Jenny, You have Borne Away The Palm
Oh, Rouse Yourself, Its Cold You’ve Got
Oro, Welcome Home - The Shanavest And Caravat - Down On The Floor Medley
Quick March
Reel #295
Sheen Sheesh Igus Souse Lum
The Banks Of The Daisies - The Deserter - Little Donnell Medley
The Blackthorn Cane With A Thong
The Dance By The Old Sally Tree
The Hags Of Ulster
The Flower Of The Vale
The General Gathering 1745
The Ladies Dressed In Their Garments So Green
The Maid Of The Valley
The Moonlight Jig
The Night’s Past And Gone
The Sprite
The Trip We Took To The Mountain
The Troubled Child
The Wandering Harper - Adieu My Lov’d Harp Medley
Turn The Pig From The Tea Pot

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Celtic Harp Anthology - Star Edwards
Complete Method for Harp - English Version - Renié Henriette

Complete Method for Harp - English Version - 

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Method for Harp, originally in French, are combined in this book. It has been translated into English by Geraldine Ruegg. 224 pages, oversize book. Becomes advanced toward the end of the book. At least the first 50% of the book is playable on lever harp. Only the end contains advanced pedal harp material. ADVANCED PEDAL HARP.

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