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A Spy in the Night  - George Shutack

A Spy in the Night  - 

Jazz ensemble, score and parts. Rock ballad, easy level. Duration: 3:15 min.

Full score
Alto sax 1
Alto sax 2
Tenor sax 1
Tenor sax 2
Baritone sax
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Trumpet 3
Trumpet 4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2 ...

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Across The Sky - Metheny & Mays / Arr. Curnow

Across The Sky - 

Pat Metheny Big Band Series.
Bob Curnow has written some marvelous arrangements of Metheny/Mays music in the past, and this chart will surely "tug at your heartstrings." This is a gorgeous melody, with a solid, contemporary feel to it. The chart features tenor saxophone throughout. ...

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Act Your Age - Score And Parts - Gordon Goodwin

Act Your Age - Score And Parts - 

Jazz Ensemble, score and parts. Professional / Very Advanced level.
Gordon Goodwin’s chart has a funky, sassy and contemporary groove, just like the title suggests. Solo space for alto, tenor and bari sax, lead trumpet range has a few high G’s. You’ll dig this chart!

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Act Your Age - Score Only - Gordon Goodwin

Act Your Age - Score Only - 

Jazz Ensemble, score only. Professional / Very Advanced level.
Gordon Goodwin’s chart has a funky, sassy and contemporary groove, just like the title suggests. Solo space for alto, tenor and bari sax, lead trumpet range has a few high G’s. You’ll dig this chart!

This ...

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Afternoon - Score and Parts - Pat Methemy / Bob Curnow

Afternoon - Score and Parts - 

Here is a slow, swinging, lovely, warm, relaxed composition. The arrangement is subtle and easy to play. There are not a lot of pieces by Pat Metheny that swing in this way. The arrangement suggests flugelhorns throughout. There is solo space for alto saxophone and trumpet (or flugel). This has ...
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Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Key: D-F) - Diana Ross / Jerry Nowak

Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Key: D-F) - 

Vocal solo / Jazz ensemble.
This huge hit from Diana Ross is sure to be a show-stopper for your vocal soloist. Powerfully scored for the band this chart also features the trademark spoken sections.

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All About Ronnie - Joe Greene / Bill Russo

All About Ronnie - 

Stan Kenton Series.
Exactly as recorded by Chris Conner with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, this moody, brilliant arrangement is a perfect vehicle for your vocalist. The key is F major. The way the band supports the singer and then takes over for a short, lovely ensemble section is absolutely ...

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All About That Bass - Kevin Kadish, Meghan Trainor / Paul Murtha

All About That Bass - 

Easy Jazz Ensemble Series, level 2. Score and parts.
Meghan Trainor's #1 smash hit features a catchy melody, a strong rhythmic pulse, and a hint of “doo wop.” Arranged here in an easy setting for young players, this is great way to bring a taste of current pop to your next concert. ...

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All Blues - Miles Davis / Michael Sweeney

All Blues - 

Easy Jazz Ensemble, Score and parts, CD included. Level 2: easy - 2 years of playing experience.
Here's the classic Miles Davis tune from the landmark album “Kind Of Blue” carefully arranged for young groups. Written in 3/4 for ease of reading, Mike has kept the feel and sound of ...

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April in Paris - Vernon Duke / Arr. John Bambridge

April in Paris - 

Doc Severinsen Big Band Series.
This great chart is recorded on the "Tonight Show Band, Volume II " CD(Amherst Records). It has a bit of the Basie touch to it, but it is a very original chart by the great John Bambridge. There is space for trumpet and tenor solos, and there are ...

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Autumn in Rome - Alessandro Cicognini, Paul Weston, Sammy Cahn / Michael Philip Mossman

Autumn in Rome - 

Jazz ensemble library, level 4, score and parts.
Haunting yet beautiful describes Michael's unique setting of this marvelous standard. Written in a moderately slow “bolero” style, this outstanding change of pace number features an alto sax soloist and a few ensemble surprises along ...

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Backatown - Troy Andrews / John Wasson

Backatown - 

Young jazz classics, score and parts. Level 3.
From Trombone Shorty's acclaimed CD Backatown, here is the hot title cut arranged for big band in a funky medium tempo. With a blend of catchy riffs, solid ensemble passages, and stop-time breaks, this chart exudes a spirited and unmistakable New ...

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Bari, Bari Good! - Andy Clark

Bari, Bari Good! - 

Jazz Ensemble, score and parts. Grade 3.
Feature your Bari Sax player with this effective medium tempo swing shuffle chart by Andy Clark. Includes an open solo section for the Bari or any other soloists of your choice. Very appealing tune with a big solid sound that's will be a big hit in any ...

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Basically Blues - Wilson

Basically Blues - 

Standard Jazz Ensemble. Easy swing, advanced level.
As recorded by Buddy Rich on his Swingin' New Big Band album (Pacific Jazz), this classic chart features great sax solis, an irresistible ensemble shout, and solos for trombone and tenor. A modulation 12 bars from the end kicks things up a ...

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Beeline East - Ken Hanna / Bob Curnow

Beeline East - 

Stan Kenton Series.
Bob Curnow took Ken Hanna's wonderful, latin, medium-tempo tune and made it a bit more accessible for good bands. The ranges are a bit more realistic and practical. This also features alto sax and trumpet (not trombone as originally arranged). The original version is ...

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