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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Mandoline
  • Categorie: Boek Klassiek Artiest
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Bach For Mandolin - Bach/ Oliver Waitze

Bach For Mandolin - 

Mandoline solo. Standard notation and tablature. 68 pages. LAnguage: German.

Die Mandoline ist ein sehr altes Instrument und als Soloinstrument außerordentlich geschätzt. Der Mandolinen Virtuose Oliver Waitze nimmt diese Tradition auf und bietet uns mit dieser Ausgabe einige ...

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J.S. Bach for Mandolin - J.S. Bach / Robert Bancalari

J.S. Bach for Mandolin - 

Mandolin, intermediate level. Book with online audio.
In this collection, Robert Bancalari has made 26 pieces by J. S. Bach accessible to the mandolinist.

Adapted from various suites, sonatas and partitas, the pieces in this collection include 'Bouree Angloise' from ...

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Mandolin Play-Along Volume 4: J.S. Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach

Mandolin Play-Along Volume 4: J.S. Bach - 

Mandolin, intermediate level. Book and CD.
The Mandolin Play-Along Volume 4: J.S. Bach songbook and tutor will help you play your favourite Bach songs quickly and easily.
Just follow the written music, listen to the CD to hear how the Mandolin should sound, and then play along using the ...

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Minuetto, Andantino und Allegro Moderato Für Mandoline - Paganini / Bulatoff

Minuetto, Andantino und Allegro Moderato Für Mandoline - 

Mandolin Solo. Arr. by Paul Bulatoff.
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Piecas Ritmicas 2 <br/> - Ralph Paulsen Bahnsen

Piecas Ritmicas 2

Mandoline solo, intermediate level.

Titles are:
The First contact
Pink butterfly
Time for tea.

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Two-Part Inventions for Mandolin and Guitar - J.S. Bach / Carlo Aonzo and John Carlini

Two-Part Inventions for Mandolin and Guitar - 

Mandolin and guitar. Book with online audio.
Unique arrangements by two skilled arrangers for a beautiful playing result. The book includes access to online audio for download or streaming of recordings of each invention plus separate Mandolin and Guitar parts.

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Works for Mandolin and Piano - Beethoven

Works for Mandolin and Piano - 

Mandoline and piano,Urtext edition, titles are:
Mandolin Sonatina WoO 43a
Adagio ma non troppo WoO 43b
Mandolin Sonatina WoO 44a
Andante con Variazioni WoO 44b.

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12 Divertimentos - James Oswald/ John Goodin

12 Divertimentos - 

Mandoline solo. Beginning - Intermediate. 48 pages.
James Oswald, a prominent Scottish composer, music publisher and teacher, composed and published 12 divertimentos in London around 1759 for the popular wire-strung cittern known then as the "guittar". The body of work was intended ...

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3 Charakter Szenen - Bernd Junghanns

3 Charakter Szenen - 

Mandoline solo, intermediate level.

Titles are:

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Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2" Overscore Tape Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Jo Mahieu
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargeThe Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"Overscore TapePop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1