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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Hobo
  • Categorie: Boek Klassiek Artiest
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After Hours For Oboe - Pam Wedgwood

After Hours For Oboe - 

Atmospheric pieces for Oboe and piano. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
Call it a day
Sliding doors
The friends
Summer nights
Come dance with me
Remember when

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Algues - Bernard Andres

Algues - 

Seven pieces for Oboe (also suitable for Flute or Violin) and Harp, intermediate level.
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Aspects of a Landscape for Oboe - P Reade

Aspects of a Landscape for Oboe - 

Oboe solo, titles are: Dawn, Birdsong, Bird-Movements, Sun Dance, Conflict, Lament, Celebration. Intermediate level.
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Bach Solos - J.S. Bach/ Christian Tuns

Bach Solos - 

Oboe solo, advanced level.
12 pieces arranged for oboe from the Sonatas and Partitas for sole violin BWV 1001-1006.

Titles are:
Courante ...

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Bach Studien Heft 1 - Bach / Walter Heinze

Bach Studien Heft 1 - 

Aria „Endlich, endlich wird mein Joch“ from BWV 56
Aria „Gott ist gerecht in seinen Werken“ from BWV 20
Aria „Gott ist unser Sonn und Schild“ from BWV 79
Aria „Gott, bei deinem starken Schuetzen“ from BWV 14
Aria „Ich sehe schon im Geist“ from BWV 43 ...

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Ballads and Bagatelles - Bryan Kelly

Ballads and Bagatelles - 

Oboe with piano. Nine attractive and contrasted pieces of intermediate difficulty level.

Titles are:
Warlock's Ayre
Nearly a Waltz
A Telling Off!
Sad Folk Song
Italian Dance

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Classical Highlights for Oboe - Kate Mitchell

Classical Highlights for Oboe - 

Oboe and piano. Play-along, piano parts as download. Intermediate level.

'Classical Highlights' presents the best-known and most popular performance pieces of the classical repertoire in arrangements for flute. Every flautist looking for a popular classic for lessons or ...

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Complete Sonatas for Oboe and Basso Continuo - Handel / Terence Best

Complete Sonatas for Oboe and Basso Continuo - 

Oboe and BC, Urtext. Contents: Sonata in B-flat major HWV 357, Sonata in C minor HWV 366, Sonata in F major HWV 363a.
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Concerto for oboe  - Williams R Vaughan / Michael Mullinar

Concerto for oboe  - 

Oboe and piano, A capricious, lyrical, and nostalgic work, it is often considered to be Vaughan Williams' most successful work in this form. The first movement is pastoral in feeling, The second movement begins with a minuet, light and staccato in nature with a middle section featuring a ...
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Concerto in d Minor (With Bach's ornaments) - Alessandro Marcello

Concerto in d Minor (With Bach's ornaments) - 

Edition for oboe and piano. With ornaments by J.S. Bach.
Alessandro Marcellos D-minor Oboe Concerto was published around 1716 in a collective print of six concertos forvarious solo instruments, to which Tomaso Albinoni and Antonio Vivaldi also contributed some works. Johann Sebastian Bach had ...

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Drei Romanzen Op. 94 - Robert Schumann

Drei Romanzen Op. 94 - 

Oboe (also suitable for Violin or Clarinet in A) with piano.
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Eine Handvoll Feldblumen Op. 33 - Hans Kummer

Eine Handvoll Feldblumen Op. 33 - 

Oboe with piano. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
Roter Mohn

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Four pieces - Edvard Grieg/ Nicolas  Blake

Four pieces - 

For oboe and piano. Intermediate level.
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Four Short Pieces - Gordon Lawson

Four Short Pieces - 

Oboe with Piano. Easy to intermediate level.

Titles are:
Honeysuckle Rag

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Fresh Air - Oboe - Sarah Watts

Fresh Air - Oboe - 

Oboe and piano, Fresh Air is a collection of 18 graded pieces and studies, titles are; Humdinger hoedown, Precious times, Waltz for one day, Sailing free, Shrimps ahoy, Woman in the Woods, Sunshine green, The road to Lallengollen, Skatastrophy, There goes January, Shiny shoe shimmy, Right time ...
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