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Autumn Songs For Panflute - Costel Puscoiu

Autumn Songs For Panflute - 

Panflute, titles are: Sunny Dream, Morning Dew, Blue Field, Contemplation, The Tree, Cantabile, Reverie, Moby's Song, Nostalgic Bolero, Chanson d' Automn. Book with CD (Full Performance and Playalong).

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Classical Repertoire for Panpipes (Linked up to the method) - Costel Puscoiu

Classical Repertoire for Panpipes (Linked up to the method) - 

Titles are: Mary Has A little Lamb, Saint Anthony Chorale (Haydn), To Joy (beethoven0, Children's Song (mozart), Frere Jacques, Au Clair De La Lune, The Farmers, Three Kings, Sleep Well, The Green Leave Of The Jasmine, He the Wonderful, Kum Ba Yah, Between Cologne and Paris , We Walk and Sing The Carols, Suzie dear Suzie, Gavotte (Praetorius), Fanfare (Corette), Air (Mozart), a Child Is Born, Minuet, Be Quiet Now, Gavotte (Händel),Oh Tiny Child, Lullaby For Christmas, Oh Suzanna, A lullaby for little Jesus, If I Were A Bird, Minuet (Hook), Andantino (Lully), Now Be Welcome, We Walk and Sing The Carols, The Rose, Gavotte (Praetorius), March (Bach), She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain, Brunette, Air (Mozart), Minuet (Händel), Down Below in Bethlehem, Minuet, When A Woman Gathered Nuts, Harvest Time For Corn, I Say Adieu, Branle (Boismortier), Gavotte (Händel), Melody (Schumann), Rondino (Rameau), Burlesque (Mozart), Fox You Stole The Gooze, Little Rabit, Sleep Well Little Jesus, Shepherd-Boy with Three Hundred Sheeps. Book & CD.

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Einsamer Hirte (The Lonely Shepherd) - James Last

Einsamer Hirte (The Lonely Shepherd) - 

Panflute with piano.

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Latin American Songs - Gerd Bossems

Latin American Songs - 

Panpipe, also suitable for flute or recorder. Easy Level.
Titles are:
Robles Daniel A., Milchberg Jorge: El Condor Pasa (Peru)
Anonymus : Cielito Lindo (Mexico)
Anonymus : Sapo Jururu (Brasilien)
Anonymus : Cantarito de Penaflor (Chile)
Anonymus : Vidalita (Argentinien)
Anonymus: Carnaval (Argentinien)
Anonymus: Recuerdos Mohenios (Peru)
Anonymus: Pastoral (Peru)
Anonymus: El Puquito (Peru)
Anonymus: Desconsuelo (Peru)
Anonymus: Viva Jujuy (Argentinien)
Anonymus: Canten Senores Cantores (Carnavalito) (Argentinien)
Anonymus: En Bahia (Brasilien)
Anonymus: Estaba el Negrito Aquel (Venezuela)
Anonymus: Hojita de Guarumal (Panama)
Anonymus: El Gato de mi Casa (Argentinien)
Anonymus: Huayno de Sicuani (Peru)
Anonymus: Danza (Equador).

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Nieuwe Methode voor Panfluit Volume 1 - C Puscoiu

Nieuwe Methode voor Panfluit Volume 1 - 

Hoe leer ik panfluit? Nederlandstalig. Boek met CD. Geschreven voor de panfluit in G.

Ref: 163  Prijs: € 22.50  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Nieuwe Methode voor Panfluit Volume 1 - C Puscoiu
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large Nurtured By Love - Shinichi Suzuki / Waltraud Suzuki Finale 2014 - Academic Shadow SH941 Violin Pickup
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargeNurtured By LoveFinale 2014 - AcademicShadow SH941 Violin Pickup