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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Percussie
  • Letter: T
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T&M Cadence Pack 3 - Dirkjan van Groningen

T&M Cadence Pack 3 - 

6 Easy Cadences for Traditional & Modern (Marching) Percussion Ensembles. Easy level.

This cadence set contains 6 short and easy pieces for parades and concerts for ensembles with concert and marching percussion instruments.The pieces are written for: snare drum, multi-tenors ...

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Tac-Tic Volume 1 - Nicolas Martynciow

Tac-Tic Volume 1 - 

Method for Snare Drums and Tom-Toms for the beginner. It's main object is the progressive study of various rhythm and their different stickings. Each lesson brings something new and consists of exercises, little etudes and duets. Language: French and English.
Book and CD.

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Taiko - Paul Judge

Taiko - 

Number of Players: 6, Book with CD- ROM (you can print your individual parts).
Difficulty: Beginner

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Taiko for Percussion Quartet - Michael Siefke

Taiko for Percussion Quartet - 

Percussion ensemble, score and parts. Easy Level.
Japanese and Korean drum Pieces.

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Take Five - Paul Desmond / Dirkjan van Groningen

Take Five - 

Easy / medium concert percussion. 10 Players.

Instrumentation: Xylophone, Vibes, 4 1/3 octave marimba (2), Timpani, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Concert Toms, Vibraslap,Tambourine.

This piece comes with a bound score and includes an mp3 recording and all individual parts available ...

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Take It to the Street - Stanton Moore

Take It to the Street - 

Percussion Method, A Study in New Orleans Street Beats and Second-Line Rhythms As Applied to Funk. Book with CD.
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Taking Center Stage - Neil Peart / Joe Bergamini

Taking Center Stage - 

Drums, intermediate to advanced level.
Taking Center Stage is the definitive print retrospective and musical documentation of the career of one of the greatest rock drummers of all time, Neil Peart of Rush. Originally conceived as a companion to the groundbreaking 2011 3-disc DVD set of the ...

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Taking Center Stage - DVD - Neil Peart

Taking Center Stage - DVD - 

3 DVD's.
Filmed in various locations over the course of a year, Neil Peart takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at Rush's 2010-11 Time Machine tour. This includes rare and exclusive footage of Neil's personal pre-tour rehearsals and backstage events at a Rush concert (including ...

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Talking Sticks Volume 1 - Matthias Krohn

Talking Sticks Volume 1 - 

202 Duos for two drumsets in two volumes. Volume 1: Duos 1-101, beginner to intermediate level.
This giant collection of drum duos starts with easy pieces and progresses to music with complex rhythms and styles. Volume 1 presents 101 duos from beginning to intermediate, where the individual ...

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Ref: 53741  Prijs: € 27.95  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Talking Sticks Volume 2 - Matthias Krohn

Talking Sticks Volume 2 - 

202 Duos for two drumsets in two volumes. Volume 2: Duos 2-202.
Percussion, intermediate/ advanced level,This giant collection of drum duos starts with easy pieces and progresses to music with complex rhythms and styles. Volume 2 presents 101 duos from intermediate to advanced with eight ...

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Ref: 66752  Prijs: € 27.95  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Tango - Frédéric Macarez

Tango - 

Original contemporary work for percussion and piano.
Grade : easy (2).
Duration : 2' 30" 

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Tango du Jura et Marche de la Brie (Cycle 1) - Herve Druelle

Tango du Jura et Marche de la Brie (Cycle 1) - 

Drumset and piano.
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Teamwork for Three  - Luuk van der Vloet

Teamwork for Three  - 

The pieces can be performed by three, six or more percussionists, titles are: It's all or Nothing, We Three, Six Feet, 3 are 3. Score and parts.
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Ref: 33149  Prijs: € 16.95  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Teamwork for Two - Luuk van der Vloet

Teamwork for Two - 

Teamwork for two is uitermate geschikt als aanvullend materiaal voor de groepsles. de stukken kunnen gespeeld worden met twee. vier of meer drummers en zijn bruikbaar voor concoursen, concerten en voorspeelavonden. Titels zijn: Take A Break, Let's Rock Doc, 2 Beat or not 2 Beat, Rock the ...
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Technique, Grooving and Showmanship - DVD - John Blackwell

Technique, Grooving and Showmanship - DVD - 

John Blackwell, world-class groove master and drummer with Prince, offers his approach to developing the astounding technique he has become know for, including key exercises that he used as a student and still uses today. John covers building a solo, single hand rolls, single pedal technique and ...
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