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A Natural Evolution - How To Practice - DVD - Dave Weckl

A Natural Evolution - How To Practice - DVD - 

In this DVD Dave explains and demonstrates how to practice to develop the most out of your playing. All the topics discussed are explained and demonstrated on the drum pad and then on the drum set. Lastly, they are brought to life with exciting live recordings of the Dave Weckl Band and a special ...
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Advanced Funk Studies, 25th Anniversary DVD - Rick Latham

Advanced Funk Studies, 25th Anniversary DVD - 

For 25 years, Advanced Funk Studies and Contemporary Drumset Techniques have been best selling videos. This new DVD incorporates both videos in one package along with special bonus features including on-camera interviews with drumming legends Louie Bellson and Ed Shaughnessy, an in-depth look at ...
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Advanced Independence and Polyrhythms - DVD

Advanced Independence and Polyrhythms - DVD

Just as the title suggests, this DVD focuses on the advanced topics of independence and polyrhythms, with challenging yet highly educational clips from Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information), Antonio Sanchez (Pat Metheney), David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), Derek ...
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Alfred's Drum Method Book 1 - DVD - Dave Black and Sandy Feldstein

Alfred's Drum Method Book 1 - DVD - 

Alfred's Drum Method, Books 1 and 2 are the ideal teaching tools to help prepare beginning players for all styles of snare drum and percussion performance. Book 1 contains 80 pages of sequential instruction covering rudimental studies, roll studies, contest solos, and bass drum and ...

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All About the Groove - DVD - Rick Latham

All About the Groove - DVD - 

Percussion, 3 DVD's.
Featuring Rick Latham and his groove-heavy band, including Morris Beeks (keys), Lenny Coltun (guitar), and Joel Woods (bass), this three DVD set shows you many of Rick's techniques and innovations. Included are some serious grooves, such as funk, rock, pop, soul, ...

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Anatomy of A Drum Solo - DVD - Neil Peart

Anatomy of A Drum Solo - DVD - 

Anatomy of a Drum Solo presents newly recorded, in-studio footage of Neil discussing his approach to soloing. Using a solo recorded in September of 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany as a framework, Neil talks about each segment of this nine-minute tour de force that is a feature of every Rush performance. ...
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Beginning Hand Drumming - DVD - Jill Sager

Beginning Hand Drumming - DVD - 

Ideal for recreational drummers, private drum teachers, and music therapists, this DVD teaches hand drum technique, world beat rhythms, what to play at drum circles, and more. The DVD also includes a comprehensive 64-page book that guides learners from individual study to group playing and provides ...
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Creative Control - DVD - Thomas Lang

Creative Control - DVD - 

Thomas Lang presents a completely innovative and inspired practice regime, and system for helping you develop incredible drumset technique, that will forever change your approach to drumming. Lang's awesome speed, control, finesse and unparalleled interdependence will inspire you to hone your ...
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Creative Coordination - DVD - Thomas Lang

Creative Coordination - DVD - 

A 3-disc, seven hour set featuring a cutting edge approach to 21st-Century drumming that emphasizes coordination and foot technique. Lang's breakdown begins slowly and then advances to more complex and challenging beats. Includes: advanced foot-technique exercises • contemporary cordination ...
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Derek Roddy's Playing with your Drums - DVD - Derek Roddy

Derek Roddy's Playing with your Drums - DVD - 

A visual guide to personalizing your setup.
Aimed at drummers of all styles and levels, this DVD featuring extreme metal drummer Derek Roddy provides an enlightening and fun discussion of common issues facing every drummer. It discusses the ins and outs of setting up and getting comfortable on ...

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Drum Along - Drum Circle - DVD

Drum Along - Drum Circle - DVD

Totally irresistible and incredibly fun!  This video presents a 30-person drum circle in 360-degree vision and sound.  Four featured players lead the different drumming parts of the group rhythms.  Their entrances into the drum circle are staggered so that you have time to look and listen to ...
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Drumset Crashcourse - Russ Miller

Drumset Crashcourse - 

The Drum Set Crash Course offers an easy-to-follow visual representation of the material that Miller covered in his highly-acclaimed 1997 book of the same title. Russ covers everything from developing 2-limb independence to a dvanced 4-limb independence as well as how to master more than 18 ...
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Essence of Brushes - DVD - Ed Thigpen

Essence of Brushes - DVD - 

Ed Thigpen, the master of jazz brushes, explains and demonstrates the essential strokes and sounds of the brushes and their applications to different rhythmic patterns and musical forms. Trio performances incorporate the concepts and techniques and cover a wide range of musical styles.  
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Everything I Know - DVD - Peter Erskine

Everything I Know - DVD - 

Percussiom method, A collection of lessons by Peter Erskine, Professor of Practice of Jazz Studies and Director of Drumset Studies at USC's Thornton School of Music. Recorded in the studio and produced by industry and pedagogical inspiration Don Lombardi, the video captures ...
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Everything Is Timekeeping - Peter Erskine

Everything Is Timekeeping - 

Percussion, method.
Time is a musical essential. Whether you are playing a simple beat, a fill, or a solo, time should inform every choice you make at the drums. Hence, Everything Is Timekeeping.
Assisting Peter on this DVD are guitarist John Abercrombie and bassist Marc Johnson. With the ...

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