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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Percussie
  • Categorie: Trio
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... Whithout a Chance - Jonathan Leshnoff

... Whithout a Chance - 

3 Percussion (Vibrapohne, marimba, percussion), score and parts.
Scored for marimbist, vibraphonist and mixed percussion, this work opens with a haunting, lyrical theme suspended over marimba murmurs. The middle section matches unpitched percussion with vibraphone producing a rhythmic, kinetic ...

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Australopithèque - Stéphane Borel

Australopithèque - 

Three Percussionist, Bass Drums. Score and parts. Easy level.
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Classical Trios for All - Percussion - William Ryden

Classical Trios for All - Percussion - 

This trio collection of 15 keyboard, vocal and instrumental pieces covering the Baroque to the 20th Century periods can be played together in harmony by any number or combination of instruments. Woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion can play in like-instrument or mixed ...

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G-Force - John H. Beck

G-Force - 

3 snare drums, score and parts. Intermediate level.
Written for the senior recital of one of John's students at Eastman, this rudimental snare drum trio focuses on the interactions between players as they negotiate a series of dramatic tutti and imitative passages leading to a powerful ...

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Movie Trios for All - Percussion - Story Michael

Movie Trios for All - Percussion - 

Percussion, A versatile, fun series intended for like or mixed instruments to perform in any combination of instruments, regardless of skill level. All books are in score format with each line increasing in difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade 3–4. Perfect for concerts with family and friends, ...
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Perkussion in Aktion - Thomas Keemss

Perkussion in Aktion - 

Percussion piece for 3 percussionists (Drumset and Latin Percussion), text in German. A virtuoso, character piece for 4 bongos, timbales and drum set.
Intermediate level.

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Precision Percussion - Gary M. Bolinger

Precision Percussion - 

Percussion Trio .
Instrumentation: Snare Drum, Triangle, Tambourine
Grade: 1+

This winsome trio for young percussionists features identical opening and closing statements and three repeated sections in between to build confidence. The overall dynamic level is piano, with a ...

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Romantic Rhythms: Four Famous Pieces Arranged for Percussion Trio

Romantic Rhythms: Four Famous Pieces Arranged for Percussion Trio

A collection of famous melodies by four well-known composers
Ludwig van Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata
Johannes Brahms: Sarabande
Frédéric Chopin: Deux Préludes
Robert Schumann: Träumerei

Scored for a percussion trio:
Timpani (4) ...

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Supersonic Percussion - Menno Bosgra

Supersonic Percussion - 

Percussion ensemble, score and parts. Ten progressive trio pieces for early-intermediate players.

Samen op ontdekkingstocht naar verschillende muziekstijlen? Met Supersonic Percussion kan het! Dit boek bevat een afwisselende verzameling van muziekstukken voor drie percussionisten. Ze ...

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Syncopation Puzzle - Gabriel Bouchet

Syncopation Puzzle - 

Percussion trio, score and parts.
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Trio Snares - Eckhard Kopetzki

Trio Snares - 

Snare Drum. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
March of the Gnomes
Fire Waltz
Hall of Sticks.

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Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Overscore Tape K3 - Disco Stickers - K3 - Studio 100 Out of the Box - Hartwin Dhoore
Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonOverscore TapeK3 - Disco StickersOut of the Box