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  • Instrument: Percussie
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A Funky Theasaurus for the Rock Drummer - Charles Dowd

A Funky Theasaurus for the Rock Drummer - 

Features Afro-Cuban rhythms & Odd-Meter rock beats. Contents: Rock in three, Latin-rock in 4/4, Latin-rock in 12/8, Rock in odd time signatures, Rock in five, Rock in seven, Rock in nine, Rock in eleven, Rock in thirteen, Rock in fifteen.
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And Justice For All - Metallica

And Justice For All - 

Drum transcriptions to every song from Metallica's blockbuster album, plus complete drum setup diagrams, and background notes on Lars Ulrich's drumming style. Titles are: ..And Justice For All, Blackened, Dyers Eve, Eye Of The Beholder, Harvester Of Sorrow, One, The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, ...
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Art Blakey's Jazz Messages - John Ramsay

Art Blakey's Jazz Messages - 

Book & CD.
Through in-depth analysis, detailed transcriptions and album references, author John Ramsay gives us an insider's view of Art Blakey's unique drumming style. The book includes examples of Art's philosophies and wisdom as told by some of the great alumni of the ...

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Authentic Playalong - Green Day

Authentic Playalong - 

Drums, book & CD. 9 hits with fantastic soundalike CD: American Idiot; Basket case; Boulevard of broken dreams; Brain stew; Good riddance (Time of your life); Longview; Minority; Wake me up when September ends; When I come around.
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Best of Blink-182 - Blink-182

Best of Blink-182 - 

Drum recorder versions. Intermediate / advanced level.

Features Travis Barker's bashing beats from a baker's dozen of blink-182's best, transcribed note for note, exactly as recorded. Songs: Adam's Song • Aliens Exist • All the Small Things • Anthem Part II • ...

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Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers For Drums - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers For Drums - 

Meoldy line, Drums. Intermediate / advanced level.
Since joining the band in 1989 for the Mother's Milk album, Chad smith has developed into one of the world's best drummers. His solid thunder and funky beats, mixed with his prescence and consummate ease, mean he is respected and ...

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Big Phat Band Drums - Gordon Goodwin

Big Phat Band Drums - 

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along Series gives you the chance to sit in with the outstanding players in the Big Phat Band to improve and measure your own ability to play in a big band. The goal of this series is to teach the art of ensemble playing. You will learn volumes of ...
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Black Book Drum Edition - Metallica

Black Book Drum Edition - 

Drum Edition. Intermediate level.
Contents: Enter sandman, Sad but true, Holier than thou, The unforgiven, Wherever I may roam, Don't read on me, Through the never, Nothing else matters, Of wolf and man, The god that failed, My friend of misery, The struggle within.

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Celebrated Percussion - Jared Spears

Celebrated Percussion - 

Percussion, Jared Spears’ latest percussion publication is a collection of 10 multiple percussion solos. The pieces are written for a variety of instrumental combinations including drums, traps, cymbals, and bells - all of which are available in most band rooms. Grade 1+ - 3 players will find ...
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Champinoship Corps-Style Contest Solos - Jay Wanamaker

Champinoship Corps-Style Contest Solos - 

Percussion, intermediate to advanced level.
Seven innovative rudimental snare drum solos composed in the drum corps style. These musical contest solos include a number of visual effects as well as the newest in corps-style rudiments.
Titles are:
4th Of July
Main Street Strut ...

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Classic Beginning Solos For The Complete Percussionist - Gary Stith

Classic Beginning Solos For The Complete Percussionist - 

Percussion repertoire. Easy level.
This exciting compilation edited by Gary Stith contains popular snare drum, mallet, and timpani contest solos for grade 1-3 percussionists by John H. Beck, Thomas A. Brown, Jeffrey M. Funnell, Murray Houllif, James L. Moore, and Kristen Shiner-McGuire. This ...

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Classic Songs for Drum - Metallica

Classic Songs for Drum - 

Drums, intermediate / advanced level. Book with DVD (region 0).
Note-for-note transcriptions for 8 classic songs with a DVD including instruction by Jack E. Roth for all the important drum grooves and fills.

Songs: Damage, Inc. • Fight Fire with Fire • Frantic • Hero of the ...

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Cloudy, With A Chance Of Linear Thunder 'Round The Drums - Joel Rothman

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Linear Thunder 'Round The Drums - 

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Linear Thunder 'Round The Drums is for beginner to intermediate players. 'Linear' simply refers to the fact that no two surfaces are struck together at the same time.

The linear patterns in this book are designed to be played on a ...

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Concert Solos for the Intermediate Snare Drummer - Whaley Garwood

Concert Solos for the Intermediate Snare Drummer - 

Meredith Music Percussion, book with CD.
This is a collection of musically challenging yet practical solos for the mature beginner through intermediate levels. Left pages contain no rolls, right pages utilize rolls – allowing students to experience dynamically expressive playing before rolls ...

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Contemporary Solos for Multi Percussion - Gert Bomhof

Contemporary Solos for Multi Percussion - 

Slagwerk, gemiddeld niveau.
24 composities voor verschillende multi percussion set-ups. Een must voor iedere slagwerker.

1 Multi Pulti
Componist: Bomhof, Gert
2 Scream
Componist: Cox, Vincent
3 Snare-n-Bass
Componist: Oskam, ...

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