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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Percussie melodisch
  • Categorie: Losse bladmuziek klassiek
  • Pagina: 1

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Aaron - François Dupin

Aaron - 

Xylophone and piano.
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ABACA - Guillaume Le Picard


Marimba solo, intermediate level. Duration 6:00. This very nice piece by Guillaume Le Picard will be very successful for students, teachers, performers and for the public too. Both technical topics and musical interest make this work enjoyable for marimba practicing but also of course for recitals, ...
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Adiuva Nos, Dues Salutaris Noster - SA - Daniel Rollison

Adiuva Nos, Dues Salutaris Noster - SA - 

SA with organ accompaniment.
Adiuva Nos, Deus Salutaris Noster is a work by Daniel Rollison for Upper Voices and Organ Accompaniment. A setting of Psalm 78:9 in Vulgate, the piece was premiered on 13th February 2016 at St Peter's, Eaton Square, London, by the Elysian Singers of London. ...

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Allegretto - Mauro Giuliani/ Andreas Schwarz

Allegretto - 

Solo Marimba or also suitable as duet for:
marimba duo
marimba and violoncello
marimba and vibraphone
marimba and violin
Marimba and flute
Marimba and saxophone Eb/ Bb
Marimba and clarinet

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Animal Crackers - Brian Slawson

Animal Crackers - 

Xylophone Solo with optional piano.

Animal Cracker Rag is a perfect solo for a young, outgoing, and potentially crazy performer looking for an opportunity to schowcase their talent and sense of humor. This piece harks back to music from the 1910's and 20's, where polka and ...

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Attraction - Emmanuel Séjourné

Attraction - 

Version for Solo Percussion & tape. Advanced level.

Marimba 5 octaves, Vibraphone,Junk Percussion (free choice): beetween metal instruments (japanes rins, cow-bells, opera gong, triangle, cymbales but and/or this can be the use of the sound effects of the vibraphone) ...

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Attraction - Short version - Emmanuel Séjourné

Attraction - Short version - 

Version percussion solo (marimba 5 oct & vibra) and tape.

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Ballade pour Vibraphone et Piano - Pascal Laborie

Ballade pour Vibraphone et Piano - 

Vibraphone and piano.
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Ref: 91568  Prijs: € 6.70  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Between Dusk and Dawn - David Friedman

Between Dusk and Dawn - 

A modern chorale for marimba solo.
Dedicated to Katarzyna Mycka.

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Blue Wood for Marimba - Todd Ukena

Blue Wood for Marimba - 

Marimba solo. Grade 5.
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Blues for Gilbert/  Rêve Curieux - Mark Glentworth / Schmitt Matthias

Blues for Gilbert/ Rêve Curieux - 

Vibraphone solo, advanced level.
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Brazilian Fantasy for Two Marimbas (Bach in Brazil) - Ney Rosauro

Brazilian Fantasy for Two Marimbas (Bach in Brazil) - 

Two marimbas.
Brazilian Fantasy (Bach in Brazil) for 2 marimbas by Ney Rosauro depicts the happy and light atmosphere of Brazilian music. It has some themes from Brazilian folklore, from Bach and also from Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes, as well as original music.

Number of ...

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Bresseluth - Walter Mertens

Bresseluth - 

Mallets (vibes, marimba) & piano. Circa 8 min.
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Canon for Marimba and Piano - Johann Pachelbel/ Daniel Dorff

Canon for Marimba and Piano - 

Marimba or Vibraphone with piano.
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Capriccio Nr. 24 - Niccolò Paganini / Rafael Lukjanik

Capriccio Nr. 24 - 

Vibraphone and piano.
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