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Big Swop - Mallets - Fons van Gorp

Big Swop - Mallets - 

Boek en CD, gemiddeld niveau.
Dat is in het kort de gedachte achter de SWOP-serie. Deze zes bundels bevatten swingende speelstukken in de stijlen jazz, rock, pop, blues en latin – daarmee is het absoluut SWOPPEN geblazen! Op de play-along-cd staan de begeleidingen, die zijn ingespeeld door ...

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Easy Intrumental Play-Along: Classic Rock - Keyboard Percussion

Easy Intrumental Play-Along: Classic Rock - Keyboard Percussion

Easy Instrumental Play-Along: Classic Rock features ten classic rock songs in accessible arrangements, designed specifically for students in their first year of study. Audio demonstration tracks featuring real instruments are available to download, allowing novices to hear how the song should ...
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Fundamentals Solos For Mallets - Mitchell Peters

Fundamentals Solos For Mallets - 

11 Early- to Late-Intermediate Solos for the developing Mallet Playing.
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Funny Mallets - My First Book for Xylophone and Marimba - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Funny Mallets - My First Book for Xylophone and Marimba - 

Easy solo pieces for beginners with accompagnation ad libitum, titles are; Tanz der Gummibärchen, Polka, Walzer, Ententanz, Kosakenlied, Das Kleine Zirkuspony, Das tapfere Schneiderlein, Der Drehorglmann, Auf der Wiese, Der Hase und der Igel, Holzschuh-Tanz, Xylophon-Polka, Lied der Einsamen, ...
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Funny Marimba Heft 1 - Zivkovic

Funny Marimba Heft 1 - 

Easy pieces for Marimba, titles are: Mazurka, Bauern-Tanz, Sizilianisches Lied, Kamf der Samurai, Silvias Lied, Der Wandere, Ein Liebeslied?, Auf Der Wiese, Srpska igra, Ballade für Petra.
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Funny Marimba Heft 2 - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Funny Marimba Heft 2 - 

Easy pieces for marimba, titles are: Tropical Feel, Il Sognio Di Paciocchino, Bulgarian Etude, Bayerischer Ländler, Prokleti Koreni, Johnny's Shuffle, Il canto Dei Gondolieri, Northwind.
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Funny Vibraphone 1 - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Funny Vibraphone 1 - 

Easy pieces for Vibraphone solo, titles are: Andante, Summersong, Drops, Farmersong, Ragtime for Joe, Memories, Waltz, Heinz on Hawai, Ballade, Rock-Song. All pieces are short and tonal and have a polyphonic character.
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Funny Xylophone 1 - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Funny Xylophone 1 - 

Xylophone solo, titles are: Liedchen, Sweet Quick Sixteen, Alla Pollacca, Pfeiferl Hans, Double-Doll-Dee, Der Kalif Storch, No Ragtime, Thessaloniki, Dee-Diddle-Doo, Glissando Polka, Der Kleine Paganini, Lamento. This compositions are short and tonal and generally graduated in level of difficulty. ...
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Ilijas - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Ilijas - 

Marimba solo for Marimab 5 oct. Advanced level.
LIJAS (1996) is a rhapsodic composition, titled after a small town in the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia. It has a clear associations with folk tunes of that picturesque Balkan area, as well as mixed rhythms and tonal scales whose roots could ...

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Impressions On Wood - Julie Davila

Impressions On Wood - 

Percussion, A collection of 10 intermediate four mallet solos for the marimba. Lesson plans precede each solo and a performance CD is included with the book. Titles are: Jonathan's Light, Suenos, Mango Bay, Full Moon Rising, Tango, Impressions, Mystic Fire, La Cancion, Through the Looking ...
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Jazz Vibraphone - Hein de Jong / Gert Bomhof

Jazz Vibraphone - 

Percussion, 20 etudes for the vibraphone, easy to intermediate level. Book and CD.
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Les Claviers 4 Baquettes Refont le Monde - Emmanuel Sejourne-Velluet

Les Claviers 4 Baquettes Refont le Monde - 

Marimba with Four mallets book & CD.

Contents: Vibrarmor, New-York rap, Petite contine, Los Angeles groove, Cool vibes, Baba funk, Strange ambiance, Vibratechno, Oriental vibes, Kikasasla, Pat' vibe, Fiestachic, Asian song, Vibraroque, California vibes, Big swing, Genevibe, ...

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Mallet Minded - Ivo Weijmans/ Gert Bomhof

Mallet Minded - 

Keyboard percussion, orginal compositions for solo and duo marimba/ xylophone.
Intermediate level.
Titles are:
Song for Brechje
..and Rocky
Danza Italliana
Burlesca ...

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Modern Japanese Marimba Pieces Vol. 2 - Keiko Abe

Modern Japanese Marimba Pieces Vol. 2 - 

Marimba solo, advanced level.

Conversation Suite (Akira Myosi):
- Tender tal,
- So nice it was... Repeatedly
- Lingering Chagrin
- Again the hazy answer
- A lame excuse
Five Pieces After Paul Klee (Toshiya Sukegawa):
- One who runs ...

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Moments of Swing - Mallets - Rik Elings/ Gert Bomhof

Moments of Swing - Mallets - 

Marimba, this book contains ten songs in jazz, latin and swing styles all based on the chord progressions of well-known jazz standards. It covers a wide range of jazz idioms and periods ranging from Dixie-Rhythm March in the swinging, meandering rhythm of 1920’s New Orleans to Et Aloros which is ...
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Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken) K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 Overscore Tape The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"
Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)K3 HitsOverscore TapeThe Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"