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'Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee) - George Winston / Queen Lili'uokalani, Dennis Kamakahi

'Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee) - 

Piano solo, 5 pages.
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"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 1 KV 6-9 - Wofgang Amadeus Mozart / Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 1 KV 6-9 - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
As astonishing as it might sound, Mozart was already composing piano sonatas (K. 6–9) at the age of seven. It is wonderfully fresh and varied music. We have already published Urtext editions of these four sonatas in the version for piano and violin (HN 1077). As ...

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"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 2 K. 10-15 - Wofgang Amadeus Mozart / Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 2 K. 10-15 - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
In 1764 the eight-year-old Mozart wrote the Sonatas K. 10–15 in London. Leopold Mozart was only able to understand his son’s musical genius in terms of it being a God-given wonder: “That my boy […] knows all of this with his 8 years that could be expected of ...

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"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 3 K. 16-31 - Wofgang Amadeus Mozart / Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 3 K. 16-31 - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
The Six Sonatas for Piano K. 26–31 that can also have a violin accompaniment were composed in The Hague. They were published in 1766 and were dedicated to Princess Caroline von Nassau-Weilburg. These jewels by the “Wunderkind” Mozart have only been known in ...

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... Couple Égyptienne en Route Vers l'Inconnu... - György Kurtág

... Couple Égyptienne en Route Vers l'Inconnu... - 

The two piano pieces were inspired by a statue which can be seen in the Egyptian Collection of the Louvre in Paris. The full-length portrait of the couple holding hands was carved in wood by the unknown master more than 4000 years ago (i.e. between 2350-2200, the time of the VIth ...

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1 2 3 Klavier Volume 1 - Claudia Ehrenpreis / Ulrike Wohlwender

1 2 3 Klavier Volume 1 - 

Piano Method, text in German. Piano teaching in groups - big or small - is in! This new method gives group and individual teaching many new impulses and is ideal for 1 2 3 (and more) reasons:
1. The songs and pieces are agreeably melodious, easy to sing, and full of harmonic variety.
2. ...

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1. X. 1905 'Sonata' - Janacek

1. X. 1905 'Sonata' - 

Piano Solo, titles are: The Presentiment, The Death. Urtext edition.
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1.X.1905 (Sonate pour Piano) - Leos Janácek / Stephen Hough

1.X.1905 (Sonate pour Piano) - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
The composition “1.X.1905,” generally referred to as a “sonata,” stems from the autumn of 1905, the peak of the riots between the Czech- and German-speaking populations in Janáček’s hometown Brno. Reacting to the violent death of a Czech worker, ...

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10 Bagatelles Op. 59 - Nikolai Kapustin

10 Bagatelles Op. 59 - 

Piano solo, difficult level.
Kapustins 10 Bagatellen aus dem Jahre 1991 sind kleine unbeschwerte Klavierstücke im Jazz-Kolorit mit hohem technischem Anspruch. Der Zyklus wurde komplett vom Komponisten selbst und auch von Masahiro Kawakami für CD-Veröffentlichungen eingespielt. Die beliebte ...

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10 Carols for piano - Marcel de Jonghe

10 Carols for piano - 

Piano Solo, easy to intermediate level.

Titles are:
Coventry Carol
Deck the Halls
Ding Dong! Merrily On High
Good Christian Men, Rejoice!
Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
Joy to The World
Mary, Young and Fair
Once in Royal David's City ...

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10 Easy Piano Stories - André Waignein

10 Easy Piano Stories - 

Piano solo, titles are: Diagonales, Valsette, Arsène Lupin, Errance, Amazing Grace, Leitmotiv, Empreintes, Dernier Regard, Country Piano, Répétitions. Easy to intermediate level.
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10 Easy Pieces for Piano - Zbignieuw Preisner

10 Easy Pieces for Piano - 

PIano Solo, intermediate / advanced level.
Zbigniew Preisner is Poland's leading film composer and is considered to be one of the most outstanding film composers of his generation. 10 Easy Pieces For Piano is a superb set of relatively simple, melodic pieces suitable for intermediate to ...

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10 Etüden - Ten Studies Opus 15 - Sergej Bortkiewicz

10 Etüden - Ten Studies Opus 15 - 

Piano studies.
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10 Fabeln Fur Junge Klavierspieler - 10 Fables For Young Pianists - Milko Kelemen

10 Fabeln Fur Junge Klavierspieler - 10 Fables For Young Pianists - 

PIano Solo,10 contemporary pieces for children. Titles are: Die durstigen Tauben, Der Mond und die Mutter, Zwei Schlangen, Die Flamme und der Kessel, Die Sonne, Der Alte und Der Tod, Die Spinne und Die Trauben, Winter und Frühling, Fledermaüse.
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10 Fun Favorites

10 Fun Favorites

Fun and easy arrangements of 10 favorite tunes: Catch a Falling Star • Happy Birthday to You • The Hokey Pokey • I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing • I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) • Let It Be • Over the Rainbow • Star Wars (Main Theme) • Tomorrow • What a ...
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Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Mighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music Light The Inner Game Of Music - Barry Green / Timothy Gallwey
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargeBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonMighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music LightThe Inner Game Of Music