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  • Hoofdcategorie: Partituren / Bladmuziek
  • Instrument: Piano vierhandig
  • Letter: L
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L' Opéra au Piano Volume A - Christiane Meunier, Gérard Meunier

L' Opéra au Piano Volume A - 

One Piano, four hands. Easy level.
Titles are:
From W.A. Mozart
Papageno et ses clochettes (extrait de La Flûte enchantée)
L'oiseleur (extrait de la Flûte enchantée)
Bel enfant (extrait des Noces de Figaro)
Duettino (extrait de Don Juan) -
From ...

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La Campanella - Franz Liszt, Giuseppe Piccioli

La Campanella - 

Piano 4 hands.
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La La Land - Piano Duet - Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul

La La Land - Piano Duet - 

One piano four hands. Intermediate to advanced level.
All the great songs from the movie arranged for one piano, four hands! Includes: Another Day of Sun • Someone in the Crowd • Mia & Sebastian's Theme • A Lovely Night • City of Stars • Planetarium • Start a Fire • ...

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Ladies vs Gentlemen - Marcel De Jonghe

Ladies vs Gentlemen - 

One Piano Four Hands. Late intermediate level.

Titles are:
Three times a Lady
Three Times a Gentleman.

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Lady Gaga Fugue - Lady Gaga/ Giovanni Dettori

Lady Gaga Fugue - 

One Piano Four Hands, intermediate level. Pop and contrapuntal styles have never had so much fun together! Based on the hit song “Bad Romance” made popular by the pop artist Lady Gaga, this irresistible duet arrangement is crafted in the style of a three-voice fugue. The voices are carefully ...
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Ländler - Franz Schubert / Johannes Brahms

Ländler - 

Piano 4 hands, easy to intermediate level.
Schubert’s dance pieces are truly functional music for everyday use. As far as the development of the genre isconcerned, they are immediate
precursors of the Viennese waltzes of Joseph Lanner and Johann Strauß the Elder. Schubert never danced, ...

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Latin Duets - Norton Christopher

Latin Duets - 

One Piano, four hands. New, original repertoire for the adventurous pianist. An innovative collection of mood pieces for enjoyment, for teaching and for the concert platform.

Titles are:
Bossa Nova
Cha Cha
Son Montunof

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Le Carnaval Des Animaux - Saint-Saens / Lucien Garban

Le Carnaval Des Animaux - 

One piano, four hands, Grande fantaisie zoologique, titles are:
Introduction et Marche royale du lyon
Poules et coqs
Hémiones (Animaux véloces)
Personnages à longues oreilles
Le Coucou au fond des bois ...

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Legends Op. 59 - Antonin Dvorák / Wolfgang Eggerking, Andreas Groethuysen

Legends Op. 59 - 

Piano four hands, Urtext edition.
Following the great success of the Slavonic Dances op. 46, the publisher Simrock was extremely happy when Dvořák presented him with the prospect of a new cycle for piano four hands, the “Legends”, in October 1880. Barely a year was to pass before the new ...

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Leichte Klavierstücke zu 4 Händen - Easy pieces for Piano 4 Hands - Julia Suslin

Leichte Klavierstücke zu 4 Händen - Easy pieces for Piano 4 Hands - 

One piano, four hands, easy to advanced level.
This anthology is not in fact a teaching tool, but can be used to complement a piano method. It contains pieces which were especially composed for piano duet, and arrangements of compositions in different syles from various epochs. Belaieff has ...

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Leichte Spielstücke - Erika und Christa Holzweissig

Leichte Spielstücke - 

One piano, four hands. Edited by Erika and Christa Holzweissig. Contents: Moderato (Christa Holzweissig), Kinderreim (Erika Holzweissig), Die Post (Christa Holzweissig), Moderato (Zdenek Fibbich), Moderato (Malat), Zwei russische volksmelodien (Erika Holzweissig), Moderato (Maikapar), Spaziergang ...
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Leichte Stücke für Klavier zu vier Händen Op. 10 - Carl Maroa Von Weber

Leichte Stücke für Klavier zu vier Händen Op. 10 - 

With Fingerings. Easy pieces for piano duet.
Sechs leichte Stücke: Moderato - Andante con moto - Andante con Variazioni - Masurik - Adagio - Rondo

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Les Mystères pianistiques - Olivier Mayran de Chamisso

Les Mystères pianistiques - 

14 tales for piano (2 and 4 hands).
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Les Plaisirs Du Piano a quatre Mains Volume 3

Les Plaisirs Du Piano a quatre Mains Volume 3

One piano four hands, intermediate level, titles are: Finale de la Sonate KV 381 (Mozart), Contredanse (Beethoven), Polonaise Op.40 No.1 (Chopin), 5e Danse Hongroise (Brahms), Danse Slave Op.72 No.2 (Dvorak), Danse Espagnole Op.12 No.1 (Moszkowski), La Danse D'Anitra (Grieg), Csángó Forgós ...
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Let's play Duets - Fritz Emonts

Let's play Duets - 

One Piano, four hands. Easy Level
From the very first piano lesson the teacher may and indeed should make music with his or her pupils. For the pupil, playing duets is - in most cases - the first encounter with the diverse forms of ensemble playing. Duet-playing is of such significant ...

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