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Christmas Tunes For Three - Laura Shur

Christmas Tunes For Three - 

Piano six hands. Easy level.
A great collection of popular Christmas tunes arranged for Six Hands at one Piano, arranged by Laura Shur.

Away In A Manger
Deck The Halls
Ding Dong! Merrily On High
Masters In This Hall
We Three Kings Of ...

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Concert Tunes For Three - Laura Shur

Concert Tunes For Three - 

These pieces are aimed at the pianist of grade III to IV standard, as a vehicle for improving rhythm and balance of tone. One piano, six hands.
Contents: Just Reminiscing, Marching By, Ragamatazz, The Merry Cuckoo, Tropical Breeze.

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Drei Mal Zwei - Tre Per Due - Giovanni Piazza

Drei Mal Zwei - Tre Per Due - 

One piano six hands, 10 easy pieces for piano 6 hands.

Titles are:
Sankt Anton und die Drei Hühner, Sechziger Jahre, Slow Minimal, Jazz-Farben, Dolce Vita, Kleine Blues-Fuge, Soundtrack, Sanfter Swing, Rock- Passacaglia, Hänschens Rondo.

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Essential Keyboard Trios - Mauro Luc/ Beard Scott

Essential Keyboard Trios - 

1 Piano, 6 Hands, piano trios (three pianists at one keyboard) are not only an enjoyable form of ensemble music, but are also indispensable tools in developing rhythm, dynamics, tempo consistency, and group musicianship skills in any pianist. The original works of W. F. Bach, Fodor, Gurlitt, ...
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Healing Light - SSAATB a Cappella - Karl Jenkins

Healing Light - SSAATB a Cappella - 

SSAATB A Capella, motet from The Peacemakers.
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Jazz Parnass six-hands - Manfred Schmitz

Jazz Parnass six-hands - 

One Piano Six hands.
After bringing out the supplementary book for four hands, we are now releasing the last "Parnassus" collection, with 16 pieces for six hands. New arrangements of familiar pieces join forces with never-before-heard works from the pen of jazz instructor Schmitz, ...

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Klavierspiel zu Dritt Band 1 - Franzpeter Goebels

Klavierspiel zu Dritt Band 1 - 

One Piano 6 Hands, titles are: Ballata, op. 192 No. 4, Valse noble,op. 192 No. 1 (Gurlitt), Lied ohne Worte (Venetianisches Gondellied), op. 19 No. 6 (Mendelssohn), Alla Marcia, op. 80 No. 3, Walzer, op. 80 Nl. 2, Barcarole, op. 80 No. 1, Schlummerlied, op. 80 No. 4 (Zilcher), Familienmusik eine ...
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Les Plaisirs de la Musique Volume 1A - Arlette Mendels-Voltchikis

Les Plaisirs de la Musique Volume 1A - 

Piano Solo, titles are:
WILLY P. : Les cloches enchantées… - KABALEVSKI D. : Marche - GABUS M. : Le petit cheval - WHITEHEAD P. : Kitty O'reel - MAURICE P. : Tambour et trompettes - BARTOK B. : A la Yougoslave - COULPIED-SEVESTRE G. : Sur les canaux de Venise - BARLOW F. : Petite ...

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Les Plaisirs de la Musique Volume 1B - Arlette Mendels-Voltchikis

Les Plaisirs de la Musique Volume 1B - 

Piano Solo, titles are:
KIRNBERGER J.P. : Carillons - CLARKE J. : Menuet - MOZART W.A. : Valse favorite - BEETHOVEN L.V. : Ecossaise - DIABELLI A. : Scherzo - HAYDN J. : Danse allemande - SCHUBERT F. : Landler D 679 - SCHUMANN R. : Premier chagrin - BRAHMS J. : Danse hongroise N° 5 arr. A. ...

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Microjazz Trios Collection - Chris Norton

Microjazz Trios Collection - 

One piano, six hands, easy pieces in popular styles for one piano and six hands, titles are: Bouncing Along, Country Waltz, Daylight, Donkey Ride, Enchanted Castle, Free 'N' Easy, Gliding, Happiness, Net-Surfer, Regrets, Slow Dance, Strength Of Feeling.
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Mini-Jazz Heft 3: 13 Leichte Stück - Manfred Schmitz

Mini-Jazz Heft 3: 13 Leichte Stück - 

Piano solo.
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Mini-Rock Piano for Six hands - Manfred Schmitz

Mini-Rock Piano for Six hands - 

1 Piano Six hands, 17 easy pieces, titles are: Worksong, Piano-Song, The Beginning, Mini power, Melody and rythm, Hello, Holliday, Festival-fanfare, Jogging rock, Happy party, Rock-session, Progression, Power-six, Ballad for three, Weekend-rock, Romantic song, Power-finale.
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More Hands One Piano (1 Piano 6 Hands or 1 Piano 8 Hands) - Peter Przystaniak

More Hands One Piano (1 Piano 6 Hands or 1 Piano 8 Hands) - 

1P6H and 1P8H, titles are: Au clair de la lune (Traditional), Sur le pont d'Avignon (Traditional), Swanee River (Foster, Stephen), Guten Abend, gut Nacht (Brahms, Johannes), Old Mac Donald (Traditional), Oh when the Saints (Traditional), Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass (Traditional), ...
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Playful Pieces - Kaja Bjørntvedt

Playful Pieces - 

One Piano Six Hands.This book is aimed for beginners and intermediates, both children and adults. The fingering is left for the student/teacher to decide, so that it can be adjusted to each hand. In some places you may like to share the voice between the right and left hand.
Titles are: ...

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Serenades For Six Hands - Manfred Schmitz

Serenades For Six Hands - 

13 piano pieces for six hands for young beginners. Especially appropriate for music instruction. Titles are: The Snowdrop song, Let's Go On Vacation, when BAgpipes dance, And The Sunflower Smiles, The Shortest Minuet in The World, Butterflies Are Bouncing Through The Garden, The Ragtime Class, ...
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Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki The Inner Game Of Music - Barry Green / Timothy Gallwey Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken) Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Jo Mahieu
Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionThe Inner Game Of MusicNoligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1