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All Jazzed Up for Descant Recorder - Chris Wilson-Smith

All Jazzed Up for Descant Recorder - 

Soprano (Descant ) Recorder With piano, titles are: Mack the Knife • The Dodger • Yesterday • Saturday Night, Sunday Morning • I Got Rhythm • Over The Rainbow • Freeway
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Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 2 - Gudrun Heyens, Peter Bowman

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 2 - 

32 Works for Soprano Recorder with Piano/Guitar Accompaniment. Book with mp3-CD. Easy to intermediate level.
This anthology contains pieces by seventeenth- and eighteenth-century composers in a variety of different styles. The repertoire includes works by major composers such as Telemann, ...

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Blockflötenländler - Ruedi Häusermann

Blockflötenländler - 

Soprano recorder, book and CD.
Die alte Blockgeflöte (Ländler)
e Wägi am Bass (Ländler)
Henosode (Mazurka)
Im Landis sine (Schottisch)
E neuen Alte (Ländler)
Moos-Polka (Polka)
Köbi Zimmermann (Polka)
Chrüzwis-Polka (Polka) ...

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Cantiques et Airs Bretons Opus 7 - Pierre Odile

Cantiques et Airs Bretons Opus 7 - 

Recorder with piano, intermediate level.
Titles are:
Les Anges Du Paradis (Soprano Recorder)
Jesus Enfant (Soprano Recorder)
Merlin Au Berceau (Alt Recorder)
Quel Bruit sur La Terre? (Alt Recorder)
La Complainte de La Petite Catherine (Alt Recorder)
Nous Ne ...

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Celtic Music for Recorder - Jessica Walsh

Celtic Music for Recorder - 

Celtic Music for Recorder by Jessica Walsh contains 40 pieces ranging from lovely portraits to lively jigs. They come from traditions including Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Manx, and span several hundred years. The unique personality and sound of the recorder complements them all. A few of the tunes ...
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Celtic Tunes For Recorder - Diehl

Celtic Tunes For Recorder - 

Descant (Soprano) Recorder with chords, titles are: On Lough Neagh's Banks, The Irish Boy, The Ellis Jog, Galway, The Fair Little Child, Brown Thorn, Jerry Hornpipe, Fenian Stronghold, Enchanted Valley, I Leave You in Sadness, Ned of The Hill, George Gubbins, The Widowed Bride, Kitty Tyrell, ...
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Easy Folk Recorder - Vicki Swan, Jonny Dyer

Easy Folk Recorder - 

Recorder. Book with CD, easy level.

Short easy pieces of traditional music from around the world.
Compiled from titles across our popular World Music Series and edited by acclaimed folk musicians Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, this book features tunes from the British Isles to the USA, ...

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Easy Fun - Ronald Moelker

Easy Fun - 

Sopraanblokfluit. Zeer eenvoudig niveau, boek met CD.
Easy Fun is gemaakt voor beginners op de sopraan- en tenorblokfluit – zowel kinderen als volwassenen. Ideaal voor thuis, op de muziekschool en op de basisschool. De liedjes zijn geschikt om te spelen vanaf het eerste begin, met eenvoudige ...

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Easy Pop Melodies For Recorder

Easy Pop Melodies For Recorder

Soprano (Descant) recorder with lyrics and chords. Easy level.
Play 50 of your favourite tunes on the Recorder with this varied collection of popular songs. Easy Pop Melodies For Recorder features arrangements written in accessible keys with lyrics and chord symbols.
This songbook ...

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Easy Tunes for the Recorder - Bart Spanhove

Easy Tunes for the Recorder - 

Soprano (descant) Recorder with CD (full performance and play-along). Easy Tunes for Recorder is een uitstekend opgebouwd boek voor de beginnende blokfluitleerling. Het eerste liedje bevat alleen de a en de b; daarna komen er vlot meer noten bij en is er ruimte voor het spelenderwijs ontwikkelen ...
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English Folk Tunes for Recorder - Peter Bowman

English Folk Tunes for Recorder - 

62 Traditional pieces for descant (soprano) recorder. Book and CD.
English Folk Tunes for Descant Recorder' is a collection of 62 arrangements for descant recorder, of traditional tunes including a range of styles such as Ballads, Hornpipes, Jigs and more.
Experienced recorder ...

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First Swing & Pop - Fons Van Gorp

First Swing & Pop - 

Soprano recorder, With CD, titles are: Easy Beat, Let's Make Peace, Be Happy, First Shuffle, There's aalways Hope, You have to hear this Song, Take off, It's rocktime Baby, Mr. John, Hey Disco. Easy level.
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Fun Club Treble Recorder Grade 2-3 - Haughton

Fun Club Treble Recorder Grade 2-3 - 

Chill-out pieces to enjoy between exams. Contents: Barney's boogie, Celtic dance, Chill out zone, Fish 'n chips rag, Groovy bavy, King clown, Seven seas hornpipe, Stroll on, Take a stroll, Tarantella, The snake charmer. Book and CD. CD: recorder and accompaniment / accompaniment only.
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Funny Tunes - Jaap Kastelein

Funny Tunes - 

Soprano (descant) recorder with piano/ basso continuo, very easy to easy level. Book with CD (Play-along).
Titles are:
Up and Down
Little Tango
Ribeira vai cheia
Little Rock
Ode an die Freunde
Square Dance ...

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Funtime Favourites - Nico Dezaire

Funtime Favourites - 

Book with CD, for easy soprano recorder, titles are: The Chicken Cheeps, Old John, Au Clair de la Lune, Three -Tone- Rock, Flute and The Drummer, By The Riverside of Babylon, Gipsy Waltz, Habanera, Row Your Boat, Largo,...
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De Halve Tonencirkel - Bob Selder Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken) Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon
De Halve TonencirkelPure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargeNoligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon