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A Day in the Country - Alan Ridout

A Day in the Country - 

Treble (Alto) recorder and piano, twelve easy pieces.
Titles are: Starting out for a walk, Lingering by the wayside, Up and down hill, Whistling to the sky, Strolling through woods, Stepping out along a road, Restling by a lake, Crossing a bridge, Exploring a stream, Running round a field, ...

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Der Fluyten Lusthof - Jacob van Eyck

Der Fluyten Lusthof - 

A Selection for the Alto-recorder, titles are: Preludium, Pavaen Lchrymne, Sarabande, Lossy, Een Schots Lietjen, Doen Daphne d'over schoone Maeght, Courant, of Ach treurt myn Bedroefde, Philis quam Philander tegen, Wat zalmen op den avonddoen, Engels Nachtegaeltje, Blydschap van myn vliedt, ...
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Die gesamten sonaten Für Altblockflöte and Basso Continuo Book 2  - Georg Friedrich Händel / W. Hackl

Die gesamten sonaten Für Altblockflöte and Basso Continuo Book 2  - 

For Treble (Alto) Recorder and Basso Continuo, titles are: Sonate 4 - 6. Book with CD (Full performance and play-along).
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Divisions on "The Carman's Whistle"  - Carl Dolmetsch

Divisions on "The Carman's Whistle"  - 

Treble Recorder (Alto) with piano, early intermediate level.
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Don't You Just Love These Tunes - Treble recorder - Haughton Alan

Don't You Just Love These Tunes - Treble recorder - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder with piano, titles are: Popeye the Sailor Man, The Entertainer, Theme from ‘Eastenders’, Shepherd’s Hey, Theme from ‘Titanic’, Chopin Nocturne, The Flintstones, Sur Le Pont D’Avignon, Kum Ba Yah, Mama Mia, Amazing Grace, One Man went to Mow, James Bond Theme, ...
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Drei Sonaten für Altblockflöte (Flöte) und Basso continuo - Anonymus

Drei Sonaten für Altblockflöte (Flöte) und Basso continuo - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder with Basso Continuo. 18th Century.
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Elf Stücke für Altblockflöte und Basso Continuo - Arcangelo Corelli / W. Hackl

Elf Stücke für Altblockflöte und Basso Continuo - 

For Treble (Alto) Recorder and Basso Continuo, book with CD. Titles are: Präludium, Menuet, Sarabande, Präludium, Corrente, Sarabande, Allegro, Präludium, Gavotte, Präludium, Gigue.
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Five Concert Pieces - Brian Bonsor

Five Concert Pieces - 

Treble (Alto) Recorder And Piano, titles are: By the Brook, On Parade, Swing Your Partners, Summer Afternoon, Rush Hour. Easy Level.
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Four Sonates - Georg Philipp Telemann / Johannes Dietz Degen

Four Sonates - 

Treble recorder and basso continuo from 'Der Getreue Musikmeister'.

Sonata F major TWV 41:F2
Sonata B-flat major TWV 41:B3
Sonata F minor TWV 41:f1
Sonata C major TWV 41:C2

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Klänge der Nacht - Harald Genzmer

Klänge der Nacht - 

For Treble (Alt) or Tenor Recorder: titles are: In the Evening, Dreams, In the Night-Time, Silence of The Night, In the Morning.
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Moon Dances - Walter Mays

Moon Dances - 

Alt (Treble) Recorder, advanced level.
Titles are:
Moon Dance
Marokawia's lament
Song of teh Dancing Skunk.

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O'Carolan's Tunes for Treble / Alto Recorder - Richard Voss

O'Carolan's Tunes for Treble / Alto Recorder - 

Alto / treble recorder. Easy level.
Turlough O'Carolan was born in County Meath, Ireland in 1670. He was trained as a youth to play the harp, and throughout his life composed a large number of songs. O'Carolan developed a personal style, containing melodic elements of Irish folk ...

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Pop Suite - Hellbach Daniel

Pop Suite - 

Alto recorder and piano, titles are: Latin, Ballad, Disco, Intermezzo, Brasil.
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Postcards Volume 1 - Daniel Hellbach

Postcards Volume 1 - 

Alto (treble) recorder and piano, 9 pieces pop-rock .Grade 4. Book with CD (Complete version of the pieces (with band) and accompaniments (with band) without the solo part – at 3 different tempos).
Coconut in the sand
Night life
Swinging folia ...

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Preludes, Chacon's, Divisions and Cibells by the best Masters for Treble Recorder - Yvonne Morgan

Preludes, Chacon's, Divisions and Cibells by the best Masters for Treble Recorder - 

Treble recorder solo, grade 5.
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