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  • Instrument: Blokfluit alt-
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Album IV for Treble (Alto) Recorder and BC - Johann Sebastian Bach, Francesco Barsanti, Manfredo Zimmerman

Album IV for Treble (Alto) Recorder and BC - 

6 Easy piedes for treble (alto) recorder and basso continuo. Easy level, book and CD. 3 Tempi play along.

1 Johann Sebastian Bach: Menuet I 2 Johann Sebastian Bach: Menuet II 3 Francesco Barsanti: Gavotta from Sonata in G-minor 4 Philibert de Lavigne: Ariette from "La ...

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Altblockflöte Multisound - Herwig Peychär

Altblockflöte Multisound - 

An international collection for Alto (Treble) Recorder , titles are: Prelude from Te Deum (Charpentier), Prisoner's Theme from Nabucco (Verdi), Cielito Lindo (Fernandez), Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley, Tiritomba, Wedding March From Zillertal, Amazing Grace, Nobody Knows The Trouble, Snow ...
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Altblockflöten-Spielbuch - Barbara Hintermeier, Birgit Baude

Altblockflöten-Spielbuch - 

For 1-3 treble recorders, piano ad lib.
Very easy to easy level.

Anonymus: Tanzweise
Anonymus: Estampie
Giesbert: Andante
Anonymus: Kleines Lied
Giesbert: Tanz rüber
Susato: Herkulestanz
Bartók: Allegro
Dieterich: Duett ...

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Amazing Solos for Treble Recorder

Amazing Solos for Treble Recorder

Alto (Treble) Recorder with piano, easy to intermediate level.

Titles are:
Allegro (Mozart)
America from West Side Story (Bernstein)
Ballet (Praetorius)
Basse Danse from Capriol Suite (Warlock)
Bourée from Fireworks (Handel)
If my complaints could passions ...

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Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 3

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 3

Alto (Treble) Recorder with piano, titles are: Overture Le Festin, Entrée du Bal, Air, Bourrée (Hotteterre), Le Zephir, Marche des Vestales, Marche des Evapores, Les Turlupins (Dornel), Paul's Steeple (Finger), Sarabande, Minuets I & II, Hornpipe, Greensleeves to a Ground (Anon.), ...
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Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 4 - Peter Bowman / Gudrun Heyens

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 4 - 

Alto (Treble) recorder with piano, intermediate to advanced level. Book with CD (full performance and play-along).

Handel: Andante (from Sonata in D minor)
Handel: A Tempo di Menuet (from Sonata in D minor)
Valentine: Adagio (from Sonata in G minor) ...

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Creative variations Vol. 1 - Jeffrey Wilson

Creative variations Vol. 1 - 

Treble (Alto) Recorder or Descant (Soprano) Recorder (both parts are included) with piano. Book with CD (full perfprmance and play-along).
This collection of tuneful and engaging pieces ranges from Grades 1-5 in standard and is an ideal introduction to developing improvisation. Includes parts ...

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Dances of the Baroque Era - Oliver Nagy

Dances of the Baroque Era - 

Alto (Descant) Recorder and piano.

Titles are:
Ismeretlen szerző: Sonata in F major: Hornpipe
Schmierer, J. A.: Sarabande - Gavotte
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Minuet
Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand: Bourrée
Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand: Minuet ...

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Der Übergang zur Altblockflöte - Claudia Nauheim

Der Übergang zur Altblockflöte - 

Alto (Treble) recorder, method for the pupil who wants to switch from the Soprano recorder Descant) to Alto (treble) recorder.
Titles are:
Fai Do-do
Au claire de la Lune
Branle des Sabots
Ah! Je vous dirai-je, maman
Bravade ...

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First Book Of Treble Recorder Solos - Walter Bergmann

First Book Of Treble Recorder Solos - 

Treble/Alto recorder and piano, titles are in progressive order: A Song, Waltz On Two Notes, Berceuse (French), Triste, Miniature March , Waltz on Three Notes, Old German Christmas Song, Ländler, Scottish Air, A la Claire Fontaine, The Passion Chorale, La Volta , Les Bouffons, Gavotte (Handel), ...
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Folk Music for Shepherd's Flute - Nesztor Iván

Folk Music for Shepherd's Flute - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder, also suitable for Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Tarogato or Saxophone. Book with CD.
This collection of melodies offers a selection of the most attractive recorder tunes from the folk music of the Carpathian Basin, and also provides some insight into Romanian recorder music. ...

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From Purcell to Händel - Walter Bergmann

From Purcell to Händel - 

Alto (Treble) recorder with piano.
Titles are; Prelude (Henry Purcell)
Menuet (Handel)
Gavotte (Handel)
Allemande (Martino Bitti)
Gavotte (Martino Bitti)
Menuet (Martino Bitti)
Branle de Village (Jaques Hotteterre Le Romain )
Vivace (William Topham).

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Klassik Hits Fur Altblockflöte  - Classical Hits for Alto Recorder - Ed. Hans Magolt, Rainer Butz

Klassik Hits Fur Altblockflöte - Classical Hits for Alto Recorder - 

Classical hits for Treble (Alto) Recorder with additional 2nd part. Book and CD. Contents; Spring form the Four Seasons (Vivaldi), The Birdcatcher's Song from 'The Magic Flute' (Mozart), O haupt voll Blut und Wunden from the St Matthew Passion (Bach), Das klinget so herrlich from ...
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More preludes and voluntaries

More preludes and voluntaries

Treble (Alto) Recorder solo, also suitable for Flute or Violin
Titles are:
Two Pieces From A Collection Of Musick (1691) (Finger)
A Flourish or Prelude in every key on the Flute (Anon.)
Prelude (Torelli)
Prelude (Bononcini)
Prelude (Visconti)
Prelude (Biber) ...

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Music for beginners: Recorder Music vol 2 - Janos Malina/ Tamar Bloch

Music for beginners: Recorder Music vol 2 - 

Alto treble recorder with piano accompaniment, titles are: Love Song, Dance of the Prince of Transylvania, Lázár Apor's Dance (Anonymus), Tourdion (Attignant), Children's Song, Soldier's Song (Bartok), Tempo di Gavotto (Corelli), La Tendresse (Gautier), The Thirst, Across the Road ...
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