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Bass Burner - Pete Rose

Bass Burner - 

Bass Recorder and Tamtam. Advanced level.
This piece, dedicated to the flutist Johann Fischer, is an “excentric” piece for solo bass recorder which includes the use of the human voice, alto recorder and gong. This challenging, jazz-oriented piece produces a great effect, during which a few ...

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Bassblockflötenkonzertbuch - Barbara Hintermeier

Bassblockflötenkonzertbuch - 

Bass Recorder Solo. Intermediate to advanced level.
The Bass Recorder Concert Book is based on the bass recorder method and contains numerous arrangements of various works of medium to advanced difficulty, including works by Frescobaldi, Brahms, Bach, Handel, Telemann, Merci, and Mozart. New ...

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Bassblockflötenschule - Barbara Hintermeier

Bassblockflötenschule - 

Bass Recorder method. Language: German.
The new method for all who already know how to play the recorder and want to explore the bass recorder. With numerous solo pieces, duos and works with piano or harpsichord accompaniment, the method introduces bass recorder playing and bass clef. Quartets ...

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Das Spiel Auf Der Bassblockflöte - Helmut Mönkemeyer

Das Spiel Auf Der Bassblockflöte - 

Bass Recorder method, text in English/ German and French.
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Musica Notturna - Hans-Martin Linde

Musica Notturna - 

Bass recorder (F-clef) with piano, titles are; Intrada, Cavatina, Capriccio.
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Neues Spielbuch for 2 Bass Recorders Book 1 - Johannes Bornmann

Neues Spielbuch for 2 Bass Recorders Book 1 - 

2 Bass Recorders,
Tiltes are:
01. König Dagobert
02. James Hook: Menuet
03. Michael Praetorius: Gavotte
04. Widele, wedele (aus Schwaben)
05. Das Segelschiff (aus Norwegen)
06. Hejo, spann den Wagen an
07. Tiritomba (aus Italien)
08. Valentin Rathgeber: ...

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Neues Spielbuch for 2 Bass Recorders book 2 - Johannes Bornmann

Neues Spielbuch for 2 Bass Recorders book 2 - 

2 Bass Recorders.
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Ombra - Heinz Marti

Ombra - 

Bas Recorder Solo.
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Remember - As Time Goes By - Gerhard Braun

Remember - As Time Goes By - 

Bass Recorder Solo.
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The Bass Recorder - Edgar Hubert Hunt

The Bass Recorder - 

Bass Recorder method, A Concise Method for the Bass in F and great Bass in C. Useful reading book for the recorder player who is already familiar with treble or descant recorders. 20 pp, text in English.
Holding the BAss
fingering the wider span of holes ...

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The Bass Recorder Album - Walter Bergmann

The Bass Recorder Album - 

Bass recorder with piano.

Titles are:
Air (Henry Purcell)
Minuet (John Blow)
Divisionson a an Italian Ground (Anon.)
Pastorale (J.C. Bach)
Variations on "Goe from my Window" (Walter Bergmann).

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The Bass Recorder Handbook - Denis Bloodworth

The Bass Recorder Handbook - 

Bass Recorder method.
This highly practical guide to the bass recorder, by one of the leading specialists in the field, is both clear and succinct. Exploring a wide range of possible fingerings, it lays the foundation for a versatile technique and is well illustrated with charts and examples. ...

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The Voice of the Crocodile - Benjamin Thorn

The Voice of the Crocodile - 

Bas Recorder, contemporary piece.
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Warum nicht Bassflöte - Ursula Frey/ Lotti Spies

Warum nicht Bassflöte - 

Bass Recorder method.
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Workshop Bassblockflöte 1

Workshop Bassblockflöte 1

Learn to play Bass Recorder in ensemble, the Bass Recorder Workshop is a "hands-on" tutor, which helps players acquire the bass recorder skills necessary for refined ensemble playing step by step. The Bass Recorder is incorporated into the ensemble from the beginning, titles are: ...
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