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  • Instrument: Saxofoon tenor-
  • Categorie: Boek Klassiek Artiest
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Beatles Classics - Tenor Saxophone - Dirko Juchem

Beatles Classics - Tenor Saxophone - 

Tenor Saxophone with Piano. Book with Audio online. Easy To intermediate level.
In this volume, the experienced saxophonist Dirko Juchem presents his very personal selection of the greatest Beatles hits: many well-known songs, but some precious personal tips as well. As usual, the appeal of ...

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Classical Concerto - Eric Ewazen

Classical Concerto - 

Tenor Saxophone and piano reduction.
The concerto and recital repertoire for saxophone is centered around alto sax literature, making this 23-minute tenor concerto by Eric Ewazen a striking landmark. Commissioned by celebrated tenor saxophonist James Houlik, Ewazen’s Classical Concerto earns ...

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Creature Comforts - Mark Nightingale

Creature Comforts - 

Tenor Saxophone with piano.
Twenty fun pieces aimed at the younger player.

Titles are:
The Old Cart-House
Tortoise Racing
Monkey Business
Don't Alarm A Llama
Quiet as a Mouse A Sad And Sombre Snail
King of the Beasts
Ship of the Desert ...

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Indispensable Folio - Bb Tenor Saxophone - R.M. Endresen

Indispensable Folio - Bb Tenor Saxophone - 

Bb tenor saxophone and piano, easy to intermediate level.

A collection of 11 original solos (for the development of technique. Appropriate for contest.
Titles are:
Spinning Wheel
Forest Echo
School Musician
Air Varie
Fox Hunt
Polish ...

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Lucky Dip - Tenor Saxophone - Mark Nightingale

Lucky Dip - Tenor Saxophone - 

Tenor Saxophone with piano. Easy to intermediate level.

Titles are:
One, Two, Three, Push!
The Inspired Guess
Bound To Gallop
The Witch's Couldron
The Three-Legged Horse
Woke Up This Mornin'..
From Drainpipes to Flares
The Viennese Dwarf ...

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Melodic Highlights - Tenor Saxophone - Bert Appermont

Melodic Highlights - Tenor Saxophone - 

Tenor Saxophone, de hoogtepunten uit het werk van Bert Appermont, die vanwege de vertrouwd klinkende en mooie melodieën zeer geliefd zijn! De goed speelbare stukken werden voor deze uitgave door de uit België afkomstige componist geselecteerd. Ze zijn op moeilijkheidsgraad gerangschikt en vormen ...
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Memory Suite - Manfred Schmitz

Memory Suite - 

Tenor Saxophone and piano, titles are: Waltz in Two Faces, Theme For Two, Bossa Nova Flair, Take Five for Six, Surfer. Intermediate level.
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No Sax No Fun - Peter Horas Thomas

No Sax No Fun - 

Alto/ Tenor Saxophone (both parts are included) with piano. Book with CD. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
By the Way
No Sax No Fun
Morining Tune
Rush Hour
Evening Song.

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Popular Concert Favorites with Orchestra

Popular Concert Favorites with Orchestra

These all-time standards have been arranged for Tenor Sax and symphony orchestra, for a beautiful palette of sound. Great music and not of excessive difficulty. Conductor: Emil Kahn. Soloist: John Cipolla, tenor saxophone. Ensemble: Stuttgart Festival Orchestra.
Sarabande Bach, ...

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Six Monodies de l'Absence - Georges Boeuf

Six Monodies de l'Absence - 

Saxophone Tenor, solo.
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Ref: 32732  Prijs: € 17.95  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Suite Rococo - André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry/ Paul Bazelaire

Suite Rococo - 

Tenor Saxophone with piano. Transcription for Tenor Saxophone by Jean- Marie Londeix.

Titles are:

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The Seasons for Tenor Saxophone - Steve Anthony (Bart Vermeirsch)

The Seasons for Tenor Saxophone - 

Tenor Saxophone with piano and optional Cello, titles are: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Easy level.
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The Singing Saxophone 1 (Tenor Saxophone) - Paul Harvey

The Singing Saxophone 1 (Tenor Saxophone) - 

Book 1, grades 1 to 3. Tenor saxophone and piano.

Walking across the shore
Wistful Waltz
Sidekick song
Slow serenade
Out in the garden
The long march
On the button
Middle finger lilt
Whistling finger lilt
Way out waltz ...

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The Singing Saxophone 2 (Tenor Saxophone) - Paul Harvey

The Singing Saxophone 2 (Tenor Saxophone) - 

Tenor Saxophone and piano. Grade 4 to 6.
The new day
The maid of Kinsale
Marching song
A positive statement
Echo minuet
Trois souris aveugles
Diminished responsibility
Sevent heaven.

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The Very Best of Bach: Instrumental Play-Along For Tenor Saxophone - Johann Sebastian Bach

The Very Best of Bach: Instrumental Play-Along For Tenor Saxophone - 

Tenor saxophone, book with online audio.

15 selections of some of J.S. Bach's most treasured compositions in accessible arrangements for budding instrumentalists with online demo and backing tracks for download or streaming with the popular Playback + features allowing the player to ...

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