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Advanced Etudes for the Bass Trombone - Tommy Pederson

Advanced Etudes for the Bass Trombone - 

These fifteen bass trombone etudes were written with the sober thought that, when you can play them, you can also play anything else written for this beautiful instrument! Among the selections you will find; a delightful jazz waltz; oodles of flexibility challenges; triple and double tonguing; the ...
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Ballad For Bass Trombone - Jan Van der Roost / Christopher Hussey

Ballad For Bass Trombone - 

Bass Trombone and piano.

Een aantrekkelijk werk voor een prachtig instrument! Dat is deze ballade voor bastrombone. Doorgaans zijn er weinig solowerken beschikbaar voor de bastrombone. Dit werk vormt daarom een prachtige uitdaging voor iedere trombonist die solo wil gaan! Maar ook de ...

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Cameos - Jacob Gordon

Cameos - 

Bass Trombone with Piano, titles are: V.I.P., Nimble Dancer, Phantom Procession, Derby Winner. Advanced level.
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Elementary Etudes For The Bass Trombone  - Tommy Pederson

Elementary Etudes For The Bass Trombone  - 

56 original etudes by Tommy Pederson, foremost authority on the art of playing the trombone.
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Introduction and Burlesque - Robert Eaves

Introduction and Burlesque - 

Bass Trombone (F-clef) and piano, grade 6.
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Introduction, thème et variations sur l'air de Moïse - Giacchino Rossini/ Andre Goudenhooft

Introduction, thème et variations sur l'air de Moïse - 

For Bas Trombone or Bas Tuba (F-clef) with piano.
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Melodious Etudes for Bass Trombone - Bordogni/ Allen Ostrander

Melodious Etudes for Bass Trombone - 

Bass Trombone, Melodious Etudes Selected from the Vocalises of Marco Bordogni.

This item is not standard in stock. Delevery time is usually 2-4 weeks. Contact us for more information.

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Paprika - Paolo Baratto

Paprika - 

Bass Trombone and piano, intermediate level.
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Rainy Day in Rio - Richards Goff

Rainy Day in Rio - 

Bass Trombone and piano.
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Schule Für Basspousane - Method for Bass Trombone - Slokar Branimir / Bachmann

Schule Für Basspousane - Method for Bass Trombone - 

Method for the Bass Trombone. Spiral bound book.

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Si Trombone M'Etait Conte - Pierre Max Dubois

Si Trombone M'Etait Conte - 

Bass Trombone with piano, titles are; Chanson Triste, Tambourin. Advanced level.
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Sonata Breve - Walter S. Hartley

Sonata Breve - 

Bass Trombone.
We are pleased to release an all-new edition of the perennial contest list favorite, Sonata Breve. Previously published in manuscript form, this Hartley classic is now newly engraved and more accessible.

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Studies in Legato - Various / Reginald H. Fink

Studies in Legato - 

Bass Trombone or Tuba Studies.
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The Bass Trombone - Allen Ostrander

The Bass Trombone - 

Method for Bass Trombone. And F attachment for Tenor Trombone.
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The Double Valve Bass Trombone - Alan Raph

The Double Valve Bass Trombone - 

Method for Bass Trombone with Single Valve in F, Double Valve in Eb, double Valve in D and independent 2nd Valve in Gb.
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